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    "Greatest Indie Game of 2011" Magicka!

    So yesterday i watched Totalbiscuits WTF IS review of Magicka and was happy to see that the promises the developers (Arrowhead studios) made in their interview with him hadn't been broken. They wanted to make a funny and innovative dungeon crawler and it really looks like they succeeded.

    Link to TB's WTF IS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_XP9OBWGKo
    Link to TB's interview with developers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAWnnpPINRk

    Its 10 bucks on steam and i bought it and have played 4 Stages so far. Its mainly built for multiplayer but i've still had a blast playing it by myself and can't wait to get some other guys together to play with. At a lot of points i was actually laughing my ass off at the computer. Especially the fact that the swedish voice overs sound a lot like sims voices lolololol.

    Anyone else got it or played the demo?

    PS; The name of the thread is a quote from TB's video and is by no means a reason to start a flame war.

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    Magicka is amazing. Just the fact you're able to combine different elements is enough to justify the game.

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    Its actually kinda hard lol. I just spam different damaging elements together and hope that it kills the enemies lol. So far Lightning and Ice combination is super awesome cos it slows em down and damages as well.

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    i really love the game. just make sure you have some friends to play it with.. i really lose the entertainment value when i'm playing by myself.

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    Judging by the vid looks like loads of fun.

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    my widescreen laptop wont handle it:s it doesnt have high enough resolution in order to play it-.- it is wide enough but not high enough

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    I got a question: is there a room/server browser/list meaning I can just find some people online to play with or do I need friends if I want to coop?

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