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    Question Single Player WoW type RPG?

    I am looking for a single player game that is as much like World of Warcraft as possible. I want something like WoW to play when internet is not available.

    Before I started playing WoW I played Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and I loved it. I have also played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Although Oblivion has better graphics I thought Morrowind was a better game.

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    WC:3 the frozen throne Orc bonus campaing.

    No im not kidding it is fun as hell.

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    well yeah but u cant do that more than once^
    hmm u could play the wc3 games but without internets its just boring(still probabbly would be better than morrowind in my opinion)

    Besides playing against wc3 computer i would suggest starcraft
    (idk i really dislike the other games only warcraft and starcraft ever appealed to me)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belize View Post
    WC:3 the frozen throne Orc bonus campaing.

    No im not kidding it is fun as hell.
    Ye, it's a lot of fun. However its not that much like wow. You still control more than one character most of the time. and it's clearly an RTS.
    It won't be easy to find a RPG like wow for single player. Most single player RPS's are very diffrent.

    You could always make your own local private server and play that offline. You can play it just normal blizzlike, or make some fun custom stuff for it.
    It's not completely legal, but eh, if you keep it local no one will find out.

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    FF12 is close to a cross between MMO and standard console RPG.

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    Dragon Age Origins

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    If you liked the Elder Scrolls series, a German group did a full remake of Oblivion.

    You can find it here:

    Fantastic game and very addictive, all voice overs are done in german but they do have english subtitles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aspyre View Post
    Dragon Age Origins
    I came in here to suggest the same thing. I enjoyed that game.

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    dfghjhgfd -too short

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    Quote Originally Posted by laggspike View Post
    dfghjhgfd -too short
    Yeah I never really enjoyed Oblivion, big fan of the previous games and interested to see how the next installment goes.

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    A single-character type RPG is actually kind of rare in the stock "good RPG games" but there are a few. And a few more I probably dont know about it.

    The best I can offer you would probably be something in the Final Fantasy collection. Despite it's non-existing appeal to it's dedicated following, FF13 is a very good game in my opinion. Legend of Dragoon for the PS1 was an excellent roleplayer, I often felt like I was Dart(it's a "pick your party" game, however you're always forced to have Dart as being one of them).

    As far as Warcraft-like games, there are too few for single-player only. What part of WoW do you prefer the most? If you like hack-and-slash try the Samurai Warrior(or Dynasty Warrior) series. Do you like the magical freedom you get in WoW to do almost anything you want? Try Infamous. It's a bit more futuristic than the "ancient times" feel WoW has most of the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aspyre View Post
    Dragon Age Origins
    This one. Have fun playing, one of the best RPG's I've ever played.

    Oh and there's a new one coming out.

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    Mass Effect or Dragon Age. I prefer Mass Effect as a game, but Dragon Age is closer to WoW in terms of setting and shit.

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    Dragon age or perhaps The Witcher? Dragon Age is a lot more rounded, however the combat is more interactive in the witcher than you see in most RPGs

    Both also have sequels out this year so it may be worth checking out the first games in the series beforehand

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    Dragon Age
    The Witcher
    Two Worlds 2
    Arcania Gothic 4
    Mass Effect

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    although it isnt a WoWesque RPG that takes place in a fantasy setting, Fallout 3 is a very good title for an rpg, sure its a first/third person adaptative, but it uses a stat system and a break-time descision combat mode (KNown as V.A.T.S. mode in game).

    My bro recently bought it about a month ago and couldnt stop playing, the amount of content in the game can take days to explore and have fun with (if your the creative type, you can use the console to mess around with commands and mechanics of the game, although youll have to look up the names of NPC's and commands)

    I know its not a fantasy RPG, but its one of the best solo play RPG's out there to date, won game of the year for 2008

    I wouldnt suggest New Vegas though, although ive never played it, ive heard from alot of people that its just Fallout 3 in a different setting
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    Quote Originally Posted by gathanasiou View Post
    This one. Have fun playing, one of the best RPG's I've ever played.

    Oh and there's a new one coming out.
    If you liked Dragon Age you should go back to the Baldur's Gate series, that's the best series of RPG's. Baldur's gate 2 was a more enjoyable experience for me. There's also a bunch of fan made mods which create more stories to play through, I'd suggest "The Darkest Day" Mod after the original game.
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    This is the exact game your looking for and its an awesome game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elite Peon View Post
    This is the exact game your looking for and its an awesome game
    Yeah it's a good game and can be very addictive... It also turns into a grindfest and I never could stay playing for longer than an hour before having to leave it for a few days.

    On the same lines though, there is another Torchlight game coming out eventually and I'm hoping they make it more immersive.

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    Ohh there is also a game called fate's older now but very wow like .

    oh wow never seen that two worlds 2 that looks tight im gonna order it :-D
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