Thread: 2 am pranks.

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    2 am pranks.

    So prank I pulled on my friend today.

    I was on at 2 am and a buddy of mine was asleep. Her son was on her account and I was running around with him doing random bg's. I then think of a nice prank to play on his mother. I tell him about the "Super Mario World of Warcraft" addon. He downloads it and starts laughing his head off as he is running around on her mage. After an hour of messing around I go to bed. I get a call at 7 am asking if I am awake. She thinks there is some new mario virus and she is getting hacked. She tells me every time she logs in it says "Its me mario" and plays music. She begs me to get on and see if I hear it too. At this point I cant hold it in any longer. I just start laughing and she goes quiet and then "What did you and **** do?!?" (Name of her son removed). I manage to tell her while still laughing and she grumbles saying "Oh you guys are punks, just remember pay backs a bitch" meanwhile I hear her husband laughing in the backround. He told me good prank. .... I am now scared of what she is going to do for revenge.

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    LOL. simple but funny

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    Very effective and harmless :P

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    another fun thing to do, if shes got one of those dell keyboards, get a butter knife and pop off the keys and resemble them, but leave wasd =D
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    Hehe, I know what I'm doing to my sister this weekend. She has no idea how to add/remove addons either (I've always sent her an NSIS package that installs the addons automatically), so she will freak.

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    Kill her and you will never know what she was plotting
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