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    If it were me I think I would try and stay in the Serenity state as long as I could, using Holy Word: Serenity as soon as its off cooldown. This will keep renew ticking without costing mana and increasing the chance to crit with heals.
    I'd spec into Tome of Light and State of Mind. This would let me use HW: Serenity more often and even though State of Mind only procs from heal (being changed in 4.0.6) the extra 4 seconds per heal would be useful. I might also consider speccing a couple of points out of Darkness and into Veiled Shadows so I could get a couple of fiends in one fight.

    As someone else suggested reforge some mastery / crit into haste to give you greater throughput. (Especially if you take points out of Veiled Shadows)

    I'm not saying you must do this or that it will grantee success as I understand this probably isn't optimal but if you are having to tank heal and no one else can you just have to try different things out and see if one works.

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    Assuming that you're using the secondary specc that you're currently in, i would advice you to do the following:

    Drop 1 point out of Surge of Light
    Drop 1 Point out of Mental Agility
    Drop 1 point out of Test of Faith

    put those 3 points into 3/3 Darkness instead, reasoning for this is:

    While test of faith is a somewhat good talent, 3/3 isn't really needed, neither is 3/3 in Mental Agility as the instant casts that you got isn't used enough to reduce the mana to a point where it's gamebreaking, same goes for Surge of Light, it isn't proccing enough as of currently that it will make a huge difference, rather put 3/3 into Darkness for 3% spellhaste which gives you pure and flat throughput.

    Appart from that it looks good and your Glyphs is as the should be appart from the minor Glyph, pickup Shadowfiend there for 5% mana incase it dies, which occurs at some fights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomsoul View Post
    Come to think if, after doing this fight countless times, I find myself not being able to give you any tips. Our healing team, on our first night when we tried and downed him, was 2 holy priests and a pally. And since we know our abilities we did not assign any tank or raid healing. We knew the fight was pretty heavy on dmg so we just healed everything. Of course tanks had priority.

    We failed not on healing, but on interupting the nova and the tank switching to the anti-healing debuff. I know every fight is different due to the encounter changes each week, but healing was not that hard. There were some problems at first where tanks died in like 2 seconds. After 6-7 wipes we got the timings of our cd's and the tank rotation. We were pretty much oom when we hit the second phase, but some nicely used shadowfiends and hymns of hope in the beginning of the fight managed to give us enough mana to heal through it. And we also had 2 Lightwells up at all times. Lightwell during the stuns are epic. They help immencely.

    We came to the conclusion that our misshaps were mostly due to low gear, low avoidance/dodge of tanks, which lead to healers going oom. I might suggest getting some more heroic gear for you and your tanks. And the dps of course.

    I saw no flaw in your tank healing method, but as I said, we all healed everything. We didnt assign the pally to the tanks, although he must have focused more on them since he knows that the class is perfect for this. If you manage to survive the first dragon kill, it gets easier after that. You can empty your mana to help keep up the tanks. After awhile you will be able to regen some, even use a Concetration pot if possible and pop a hymn. And, no, holy priest are not, I repeat NOT a tank healer.

    Sorry for not being so helpful.
    Have to agree with the lightwells.
    In the 10m run this week we had storm, nether, and slate (awful awful set of drakes)... I was the only dps alive during the last 25-30 seconds on my hunter burning him down (~15 seconds past the enrage before he died) cuz the rest of the group didn't click the lightwell lawl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slutty View Post
    Know what's funny, I think I actually had more trouble with the 100% attack speed week than the healing debuff week, because the tanks seem to be switching correctly. I think what's getting me the most raid comp wise is that the shaman healer doesn't have as much throughput and I often find myself healing his target and having my tank get really low as a result, having me panic and waste mana in retarded ways. I thought about the shield but the mana cost scared me off, I'll try it next attempt.

    Hadn't thought about the serenity+gheal advantage of haste. I just reforged to haste like Kelesti said but it's not much... my Gheal is at 2.22 sec self buffed, no food or flask. I'll just try to go more all out on the first phase, and hopefully the fully raid buffed haste will help.

    I guess since raid damage is so controllable in phase 1, all healers could help patch up the tanks I think we would be way off better if the druid keeps rejuv/lifebloom on one tank while the earth shield goes to the other one. I'll have to talk to the healers for tonight's attempt.


    Cool, looks like I posted enough to post links
    Your gear looks fine. You're more than ready for it. Don't forget to swap your enchants - I really think you should go "all or nothing" when it comes to that stuff in 10 mans :P

    Also, your haste is at a good level now:

    Holy Word: Serenity
    Instantly heals the target for 5198 to 6100, and increases the critical effect chance of your healing spells on the target by 25% for 6 sec
    2.22 cast will allow you to get 2 heals in w/o Serendipity - so you're good to go there. You also should try to focus on your target more and let the others worry about them. The only assistance you should probably be giving is a renew. This is why paladins shine in Tank healing vs Priest - they can do far more while still keeping the tank alive whereas you're pretty much stuck to your target.

    Only use PW:S if the debuffs are high.

    And yes, you can literally blow through all of your mana in P1 and be ok with using mana cooldowns once everyone is on Halfus. The key really is to stay consistent with your healing and really get a feel for the incoming damage. Look at the swing timer of Halfus - study recount/skada logs after a wipe so you can be like "Ok I know that the tank is going to get hit for 30k every 2.6 seconds, so I can cast heal then gheal" or w/e. (don't actually do that I just pulled random numbers out of my ass that probably don't even make sense, lol).

    Glad I could help
    Pixeled Returned! Holy Priest

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    Spent some time on halfus last night trying to do the exact thing (tank healing as holy). We had slate storm and nether... just so frustrating. Really hurt my faith in my abilities to not be able to keep the prot warrior up and was going OOM real fast. Good to know that u can burn through mana at the beginning. I would also add that making sure that the raid is taking as little damage as possible helps u heal too (the raid healer can toss a few heals on tank) . and making sure that all novas are being interrupted. the damage is not as bad as the interrupt to the heals u are casting. (my GH cast time is 2.1 and even i was having trouble keeping tank up when i got interrupted) Another thing i didnt see mentioned is using GS... that saved me a time or two. Although i am not sure if GS is affected by the debuff?

    basically the way we got around it was tank blowing survival CDs to start and taunting halfus back and forth. With this comp esp... it really is just a race to surive til the first drake is down. Also dont get noved when u are trying to HoH... sucks

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    put those 3 points into 3/3 Darkness instead, reasoning for this is:
    Yeah, was checking my spec again and saw those points missing, they're pretty much mandatory for a haste spec. I think I can safely move the 3 points from mental agility in there, as the other points are too precious (at least for me, even surge of light although extremely unreliable, can save a life). Everything will clear out come 4.0.6 tho, as State of Mind will become garbage from what I've read so I can spare those points.

    Well raid is in 20 minutes Thanks for all the advice and let's see how things go.

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