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    Cool Dead Space 2

    I'm loving this game. Story is good, controls are tight, gameplay is fun, and the environments are more diverse so far than the first Dead Space. They didn't stray too far from the formula of the original game and they refined different gameplay aspects (reloading while running, ).

    I'm only three hours into it on survivalist difficulty. Just saved before the elementary school. I'd be farther but I'm trying to save some for my girlfriend when she's over so we can see the game for the first time together.

    Oh and after I beat it I'm going to do a new game + on zealot, followed by beating that and attempting hardcore mode (zealot difficulty AND you're only allowed to save the game three times; also no checkpoints in hardcore).

    Is anyone else having a blast with this game?

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    I'm playing it now. Just reached the Church place, and my brain needed a rest - Its very good... Feels like System Shock 2, I'm expecting "The Many" and Xerxes/Shodan too start talking to me..

    If you like these games watched the movies.... Dead Space: Downfall, What happen before the first game & Dead Space: Aftermath which leads up to the second game..worth watching
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    finaly i will play today too!!!!! i have it from yesterday, but coz of ea manager says, that release date check fails, i coulnd play it

    atmosphere of DS1 was excelent, music and sounds was the best i have ever heard in the game.....hope that DS2 will be better

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