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    Question Dungeons The Game

    Dungeons is a new strategy game that still needs to be released, i read an article about it and i recognized a bit of Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2.

    For those who don't know, Dungeon Keeper 1...brings back so many good memories, this game was just awesome. You're a ''Dungeon Lord'' and evil, your assignement is to create your own dungeon, lure different kind of creatures and conquer alot of realms. This was the best game of the 20th century in my opinion, Dungeon Keeper 2 was fun to, but for some reason the graphics didn't feel quite comfortable so i stick with DK1.. Oh yes and my DK2 was in German, hearing ''Es ist Zahltag'' instead of IT'S PAY DAY, is ju..no, just no, but i'm not German so maybe that's why i didn't like DK2 as much as DK1.

    some people are calling Dungeons, Dungeon Keeper 3.
    yes: the idea of the game is almost identical to DK 1 & 2, and i can't remember if there is any other game with the same purpose.(correct me if i'm wrong)
    no: It has a different name, it's from a different creator.

    So, i'm curious about what you guys think of Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2 and the new game: Dungeons?
    another thing: Since i heard about Dungeons, i want to play Dungeon Keeper 1 again, but there is a problem, Im running w7 64-bit version. Though i'm quite handy with computers, i can't find a way to play my DK1 on my 64-bit machine, already tried a program called DosBoxs, running as administrator, tried with another compatible version (winxp SP 3) but it won't work, nothing works! Anyone got an idea, or is the only sollution to run it on a computer with Winxp? if it is...im so gonna get my old pc from the basement only to play DK1.

    here is a preview of the game:


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    after years of waiting... even when it's not actual dungeon keeper... SOMEONE decide to make another dungeon keeper game.. And I am really happy.. No..I am not in beta so I don't know if it is any good .. but hell... IT'S DUNGEON KEEPER GAME

    anyway..what I think about Dungeon Keeper?? Both are great games.. for Dungeon Keeper 1 I have great memories when I was really young.. "it's pay day" is so memorable .... especially when you locked your treasure room .. these Bile Demons were really angry... (but Mistresses just went back to torture chamber as always ).. Damn... ol'good times

    I hope Dungeons will be good..and interesting thing is that after so many years of waiting..not one dungeon keeper game suddenly appear..but two..Dungeon Empires is second...

    For running Dungeon Keeper on newer system ... I tired it on Vista 64bit and I succeed with DOS version of Dungeon Keeper installed viad DosBox ... I believe it should works for windows 7 too ...

    Or you can try Microsoft Virtual pc, install Windows 95 or 98 and run Dungeon keeper via this tool.. Hope it helps

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    Virtual PC!, ofcourse :O. dam i'm stupid :P, first thing i try when i'm home, but you managed to do it with DosBox.

    I didn't know about Dungeon Empires, but who knows ^^

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    Does not look like it is worth 50 dollars. If it was 39 dollars like other PC games, I probably would check it out.
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    Oh I am so buying that

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