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    Unhappy Anyone not able to load up the wow launcher?

    I went to bed then woke up, tried loading wow, the launcher didn't even show up, kept giving me an error message.... "Launcher cannot obtain patching information. Please check your internet configuration. ". My internet is fine, I can play other games and surf the net. Also, I can't even go on the blizz site, won't load up. Has battle.net died?
    The time of the warlocks have come.

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    Dead for me, for about the last three hours. Houston.

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    same issue for me, went to bed after raid and cant connect this morning. Launcher says can not connect, wow site will not come up. All other sites and normal interwebs are working.

    Called bliz and got the " we have an emergent issue coming up it seems."

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    Yep, just called blizz as well, told me that there servers are going down and they are apparently already on this issue.
    The time of the warlocks have come.

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    working again for me

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    Working now for me too.

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    Woots, working for me to now. thank you blizz, finaly fixed a prob that didn't take hours to fix.
    The time of the warlocks have come.

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