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    What I always do is just use Heal chakra for normal phase, and AoE chakra for Feud. Just use Holy Word because it's instant and heals people for 10k just about every time, and if you get hit yourself, use Binding Heal. Time a PoH so that it hits just after Massacre hits everyone, as well. Really easy fight, healing-wise.
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    Please tell me there is a lightwell down and that everyone is smart enough to only use it after getting hit with slime or right before the end of a massacre cast. That'll put anyone over 10k in 4 seconds, and if people in the raid aren't clicking on on the timings that i mentioned, they are bad.
    You use the lightwell doing feud, not to click yourself through random hits.

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    Since everyone needs to be above 10k, besides the tank and OT (they need to be higher for Double Strikes). I stay in Chakra Heal (serenity state) and use my instant heal, it's cheap mana-wise. I change states just before feuds. If the timing on Chakra becomes too difficult then just use Flash Heal and use Shadowfiend early. The most difficult part of that fight is overhealing like a mad man. There is NO reason why the raid needs to be 40%+ health before a feud. Once he starts a feud then heal your a$$ off.

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    I'm generally put on tank healing leaving the other 2 healers taking care of the Caustic Slime. Reason for this is that holy paladin and resto shaman got better cast time on their heals making that phase easier. For incoming massacre I take care of the 2 persons getting low with Flash Heal having a hasted Prayer of Healing ready for Massacre and then a none hasted Prayer of Healing to get the remaining persons up while the other two swapped over to topping the tank for the tank swap.

    For the most of the fight our holy paladin stacks up holy power assisting in the tank healing as well throwing holy shocks and WoG which mostly cover the bits and pieces. No actual need to stay in Chakra: Sanctuary more than for the last Massacre before the last phase. Prayer of Healing should get people up as well you being 3 healers on the raid and not just you for Massacre.

    This way you'll save both mana and risk of overhealing. Also, covering your raid with the rotation of PoH + CoH works too if your other healers assist Massacre too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urbi View Post
    Since everyone needs to be above 10k, besides the tank and OT (they need to be higher for Double Strikes).
    I'm not sure if you're using a different method, but I believe during spread out phase only the Double Strike tank needs to be higher than 10k before his taunt. The break tank is still under the "10k only rule"

    Note that the tankspot description of Break and how to Tank him is quite off.

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    just put the lightwell close to the ranged and make those fuckers click it, keep Holy Word: Serenity off cd and if Massacre is incoming for example and 1 person isn't getting healed fast enough, Flash Heal them, other than that, just Heal your life away and again, make them click the lightwell.

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    Have your holy paladin beaconing the tank who takes the double attack btw - Saves alot of overhealing on the mt, which is used elsewhere.
    Other then that I think that most tips are covered in the above posts

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