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    Holy ward: serenity, macroed for healbot

    can it be done? i have tried to bind it but healbot wont recognise it, so i have always just been clicking it on my action bars, but this kinda limits me to only using it on one target because i dont have time to click their raid frame before hand, so i will usually just have tank always focused to use it on. but there are times when i could use it on myself or a dps. so yeah can u bind it to heal bot? please tell me how if you can ty = )

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    You can use the following macro, it takes some setting up, but it will work just fine.

    First, you have to place Holy Word: Chastise on a action bar. Then run the following macro while hovering over the HW: Chastise:
    /run print(GetMouseFocus():GetName())
    That will print some text to your chat window. In the below macro, replace [result of before] with the name exactly as it appears in your chat frame (Caps and everything)
    The below macro is what you enter into healbot.

    /target [@mouseover]
    /click [result of before]
    You should end up with something like

    /target [@mouseover]
    /click ActionBarButton1
    (or if you're using a bar addon like bartender)
    /target [@mouseover]
    /click BT1Button2
    Hope that helps

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    Everything on there you need for healbot, the other macros work too

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