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    AFC Cup Final - Australia vs. Japan

    I know this isn't exactly the most prestigious tournament, but will anybody be watching this game which is starting in less than an hour (namely Australians/Japanese)?

    I reckon Australia's got a solid chance if they play as well as they did against Uzbek, but they can't let Japan push and then counter them like they let Uzbek do in the semi's. Japan seems to have scraped wins in the finals and not too sure if they can beat Australia. Still, it will be a good game I reckon.

    Japan has a chance to win if they simply just push, though Australia has the best defense in the competition. Ultimately (as per usual) the game will be won by the midfielders, and with McKay on form and Holman as well it looks good. Not to mention Kewell actually doing his job and scoring goals. Haven't seen much from Emerton/Cahill but when they're on form they play really well.

    Don't know much about Japan, haven't followed their team through the competition, but I can say that their attack is really good, but their midfield and defence really brings them down.

    Anyway, if anyone is actually watching this lonely little AFC final in Qatar, what are your thoughts?

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    australia defended bad at the end which is a bad way to lose

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    yeah, Carney really should've covered Lee, it was still a great goal.

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    Could you enlighten me. What is the AFC Cup? I'm assuming it's to do with soccer/futbol. But you don't hear much about that in the US.

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    asian federation cup, it's like the Euro tournament except asian confederate teams only. I'm not sure what confiderate the US is in but I believe it's Caribbean or something.

    you wont hear about it because it doesn't really apply to anyone apart from asian teams :P

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