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    31 32.63%
  • The Oatmeal

    1 1.05%
  • Dilbert

    4 4.21%
  • Other (say which)

    59 62.11%
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    Best Internet Comic?

    I have to go with XKCD, but of course I like all three!

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    Although it ended a few months back, I have to go with 8-Bit Theater (xkcd is one of my favourites too, but 8BT just edges it out).

    There are a few others which are pretty close to those too - Penny Arcade, Ctrl-Alt-Del, Slightly Damned, Order of the Stick and El Goonish Shive.

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    The Goblins. Maybe LICD

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    Ctrl-Alt-Del, LFG, LICD & Gunnerkrieg court.. Couldn't choose between them. They are all very different and brilliant in their own right
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    Cyanide and Happiness
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    This gets my vote for thread of the month.
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    Cyanide and Happiness
    ^ That.........

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    Write in vote for Goblins. Gunnerkrieg court is also really good, but goblins wins.

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    LICD or Questionable Content. Both are amazing
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    Questionable Content.

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    XKCD is win.

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    Cyanide & Happines or DLC.
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    Gunshow, hands down.

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    Definitely Cyanide and Happiness

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    Basic instructions.

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    Gunnerkrieg court, Sinfest, Girls with Slingshots.

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    Ctrl alt Del without question

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    LFG comic is definately my favorite, followed closely by DLC

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    Basic instructions.
    Definately Basic Instructions!

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    Cyanide and Happiness is awesome, though I quite like Penny Arcade also.
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    Gunnerkreig court and LFG are the best.

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