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    [Music] I'm in need of some suggestions. The Experimental/Ambient sort.

    Currently in need of some new music!
    I'll give a list of some of the bands/musicians I'm already a fan of, to give you guys an idea of what my specific tastes are.
    I do ask that you not post suggestions that aren't relevant to the area I'm interested in.

    Experimental/Ambient Rock/Alternative:

    -Circa Survive
    -Minus The Bear
    -Portugal. The Man
    -As Tall As Lions
    -Arcade Fire
    -Animal Collective
    -Anthony Green
    -Dinosaur Jr.

    Experimental/Ambient Electronic/Techno:

    -Washed Out
    -How To Dress Well
    -3D Friends

    Experimental/Ambient Post-Hardcore (Screamo..):

    -Of Machines
    -As Cities Burn
    -In Oceans
    -House vs. Hurricane
    -Dance Gavin Dance

    Again, these are just general lists of bands/musicians I'm already a fan of.

    Thanks, in advance, for any relevant suggestions anyone might post.

    I'm only somewhat human.

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    hmm if you want some nice ambient heres a few suggestions - solar fields, zero one, carbon based lifeforms, actress, Theo Parrish, boards of canada, Sigur Rós, Ugress, Sync24, H.U.V.A. Network, Hol Baumann, Circular, I Awake, also vangelis - bladerunner soundtrack /melt

    on the more rocky side with some electronic influences, which seems to be your taste, check out: tool, a perfect circle, primus, Porcupine Tree, monster magnet, misfits, bloc party, manic street preachers (holy bible album), white zombie, deftones, marillion, roxy music, david bowie, angus & julia stone, muse, tangerine dream, pink floyd, pavement ...(cant think of much right now but if i do i'll add them)
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    Check out 'Takk...' by Sigur Ros, and 'Total life forever' by Foals, two fantastic albums i got recently.

    Interpol's debut is good too.

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    Trent Reznor has done some ambient / experimental work with the Ghosts Album (released under Nine Inch Nails) and the Social Network OST (released under Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross). The music is completely instrumental / electronic and covers a variety of different experimental, ambient and instrumental fields of sound.

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    I've only heard of three of those O_o

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    Have you tried 'The Books'? Experimental ambient sound-collage, pretty unusual Lemon of Pink is a good album.
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    Decca T, young artist, unknown and with much potential (Ambient electronic and Progressive Trance/House)

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    I don't know if these categorise, but:

    All of a sudden I miss everyone - Explosions in the sky
    The earth is not a cold place - "
    Those who tell the truth shall die, those who tell the truth shall live forever - "
    How strange, innocence - "

    Let this be the last night we care - Alcoholic Faith Mission
    421 Wythe Avenue - "
    Misery love company - "

    Hospice - The Antlers.

    Above 3 have lyrics.
    You should love all these bands and albums tbh. Especially if you like bands such as Sigur Ros.

    All my favourite albums, ever.

    Hmm, Try also:
    Ruth - Nana Grizol
    Tears of St. Lawrence - Alvin Zealot
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    Not sure if it matches your taste, but give it a try to Kaddisfly/Water and Bodies (they changed their name in 2009, I think). Their more recent albuns (as W&B) are not my style, but you might like. But their Kaddislfy age is, at least, perfect.

    It might be hard to find their old albuns, but it's worth the effort. "Did you Know People can Fly?" is the best album I ever heard, by far.

    Also, check Ever We Fall. Pretty cool =).
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys!
    I'm only somewhat human.

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    Try Opeth's albums Damnation or Watershed.

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    Two that you should really take a peep at have to be Massive Attack and Portishead, then possibly Zero 7 and UNKLE (Rabbit in your Headlights, especially if your a radiohead fan)

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