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    Asus p8p67 pro and sata connectors

    so i have everything hooked up in my pc (sans my cpu and gpu as i do not have them yet, damnedable fedex). if you're familiar with this board theres a little row with ill say 4 housing for sata connections. 2 connections in each. the first one is a 6g "housing" and is navy blue. the second the manual actually didn't say anything about in the sata section. the 3rd and fourth are 3g connections and are a lighter blue. so....what should i hook up and where? i have my sata from my HDD and my optical but i also have a sata on the front of my case. should i prioritize my HDD and optical into the 6g slots and my case into the 3g or how does this work?

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    That is a SATA 6.0 Gb/s port (navy blue) by Marvell PCIe 9128. It is a raid port for having two hard drives hooked up. Unless you are raiding, do not plug hard drives into them.

    Wait, I may not have answered your question.

    The Light blue ones are standard SATA 3GBs

    The Grey ones (2x, i believe) are SATA 6GBS and the other ones I stated above.

    I'd recommend your HDD or SDD's going into the Grey ones, then any optical drives going into the Light Blue ones.
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    should anything at all be hooked up in them? i think right now i have all that plugged into my 3g slots. kinda sucks though because the housing cage for my HDD's are right smack in front of those connectors =(

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    The Navy Blue ones are not intended for typical usage. AFAIK, your hard drives will not work in the Navy blue SATA connector, it's meant for RAID only.

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    ok looking through the book i found the page for the unknown second housing. it's also a 6g connector. these are set to AHCI mode by default but can be set to Serial ATA raid set. would this housing be ideal to connect into? and if so which connections? otherwise i suppose everything just goes into the 4 light blue ones

    ah you edited and answered my question as i posted =P thanks much i think that takes care of it. should my case sata go into a light blue plug then? honestly i dont have any electronics that use a sata plug. hell i dont even know what electronics would use it. perhaps i should just leave that disconnected for the time being D=
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    To clarify, you can plug boot drives into ANY of the SATA ports. The white ones are SATA 6Gbps off the Intel PCH, dark blue off the Marvell SATA 6Gbps controller, light blue SATA 3Gbps off the Intel PCH. It's not a requirement to run RAID off any of the ports, but you can.

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    You will probably not gain a benefit from connecting mechanical drives to a SATA-6Gibps port, since I doubt any of them can even push the 384MiB/sec needed to saturate the 3.0Gibps ports. I just have everything I run (two SATA drives, one optical, and the front e-SATA) plugged into the slower ports on my board and am not noticing any slowdowns compared to my friend who has the exact same setup as I do.

    Keep in mind that in order to benefit from SATA-6.0Gibps your drives have to support the standard and be able to saturate SATA-3.0Gibps with room to spare.

    That said, you won't have any problems actually running the drives in the faster ports. They just won't see any performance increase as opposed to running in the slower ones.

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    i see i see. more of an advanced user sort of thing then i suppose. someone maxxing the crap out of their system and filling about every HDD slot. probably just leave them in the 6gibps socket since they're slightly easier to access with my HDD cage being right in front of those sockets T.T

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