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    Tinker Macro... Am I doing it wrong?

    So im an engineer and a shadow priest. To simplify things a bit for myself, I macroed my glove tinker into mind flay. This way, it'll instantly go off on cooldown and I wont have to track it at all. However, my macro seems.. broken. Most of the time it works fine, but occasionally the tinker will activate, the mind flay wont, but global cooldown will start, preventing a respam. I use the following:

    #Showtooltip Mind Flay
    /use 10
    /cast Mind Flay

    Simple, right? Apparently im either missing a step or did it wrong because losing that GCD, while not exactly a cataclysmic dps loss, is super annoying. Especially when I dont notice it right away for whatever reason and dont recast until the next mind flay would go.

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    I had a simmular problem with penance.. Maby its beacuse it's channeled I dont know.
    I changed it to heal instead and now its working fine. Maby change it to VT or MB something instead and see how it turns out?

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    Yeah, channels get interrupted on all the weirdest things. If you've got any latency at all, you might be finding that the Mind Flay starts being cast before the tinker gets activated, and then when the tinker activates you interrupt the Flay.

    I'd recommend just macroing it to Vampiric Touch.
    {[( )]}

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