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    Confused about Strength of Soul (4.0.6)

    * Strength of Soul now occurs when the priest casts Inner Focus on oneself, rather than Power Word: Shield. In addition, Strength of Soul now also causes the priest to become immune to silence, interrupt, and dispel effects for 2/4 seconds after using Inner Focus.

    I know that they did move the whole "Immunity to silence, interrupt, dispel effects" thing to Inner Focus so that it's only activates after you cast Inner Focus. What I am confused about, however, is does Flash Heal still reduce the duration of Weakened Soul at all times or only after using Inner Focus? The wording is a bit tricky. I think "immunity" thing being made part of Inner Focus is fine because it was slightly overkill to become immune to all that stuff everytime you casted PW:S on yourself, but if they removed the ability to reduce Weakened Soul at all times with Flash Heal that's a bit harsh.

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    Blizzard is famous for their "tricky wording". I'd happily write tooltips for them, just to end these questions and for my own piece of mind.

    Allow me to make some sense out of it for you:

    When you heal a target with your Heal, Greater Heal or Flash Heal spell, the duration of the weakened soul debuff on the target is reduced by x seconds.

    In addition, when you cast Inner Focus, you become immune to Silence, Interrupt and Dispel effects for x seconds.
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    Thank you, kind sir. You may close this thread now if your heart so desires.

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    Done! And love the squirtle!
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