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    Fury of Cho'gall

    So my guild just reach chogall and we cant seem to get far in the fight becruse our tanks are dieing when he starts to stack the Fury of Cho'gal on them, ill like to know if any of you could come up with some tips how to do this right ? our tanks keep telling that they have it all the fight and that they overlap eachother with atleast 10 sec so both tanks tanks 20% more dmg. pls help!

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    Is it Fury that kills you or Fury + Twisted Devotion? Fury by itself should be manageable but if Cho'gall sports several stacks of Twisted Devotion + Fury he's going to smash your tank without sufficient equip and heavy use of defensive cooldowns.

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    They should never overlap.
    When one tank gets it the off tank pretty much just taunts...
    Just make sure your healers are prepared for the switch, I personally call out over ventrillo when I'm taunting.

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    Let your tanks use defensive cooldowns at that part.

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    They're taunt swapping wrong. The tank that is going to tank all the adds takes Cho'gall first, and when he gets fury the other tank taunts. The first tank takes the add to your spot, does whatever you've decided to do with it and leisurely comes back, dropping a DnD/consecration on the ground in front of the puddle if he wishes to do so. At this point, fury has gone onto the 2nd tank. Your first tank still has a stack, but it will fade long before the next fury. 1st tank taunts until the next fury, and you repeat. The adds come a little closer to the fury each time (maybe before near the end of p1) but the tank will just pick it up fairly easily as long as you dont position on the other side of the room.

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    Honestly, Unless you three tank the fight you'll have to dead with the 10seconds of overlap. Just have your tanks use smaller cds for that 10seconds. Every tank has something other then their big 3minute CDs. Be it trinkets, or something that increases healing taken or heals you for x amount or whatever. Also their are healer cds like Pain Sup, Guardian Spirit and Hand of Sacs. Keeping tanks alive is a big part of the fight so you'll just have to deal with the massive incoming damage on them. Be it from debuffs, Devotion buffs or a Fire buff.

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    i agree with frozendekay. its mostly the stacks from the "mindcontrolled" guys that kill the tank not the fury.
    anyway have your tanks use a cd and you should be fine

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    There will always be a tank without the debuff tanking chogal. The tank that currently has fury on him should be the one picking up adds.

    I highly suggest not using some static timing for tank swapping, but rather your tanks taunt right when the debuffs are applied. You need to be ready to swap tanks at all times especially right before the adds come out because the tank on chogal is going to be screwed during adds if your doing it wrong.

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