In response to the recent "Why all the hate on Rap" thread, I thought it might be a good idea for those of us who do enjoy the Rap/Hip-Hop genres to share links that we think others might like here.
Feel free to share whatever you like.
Please don't flame others for their choices.
Please don't post more than say, 5 artists (helps keep massive posts full of links down)
Try to reply to posters with opinions and thoughts on what they have shared.

Most of all lets, lets just try to enjoy the chance to discover some new artists and material!

I'll start things off then (can't post links yet since my post count is too low, but all the songs can be found on youtube)

DZK - Torcher/Torcher 2/Self Destruct/Super Zeroes
Bliss n Eso - The Sea Is Rising / Down by the River / Then Til Now / Happy in my Hoody
Hilltop Hoods - The Hard Road / Audience with the Devil / The Nosebleed Section

Hope you guys enjoy it! ^^