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    Quote Originally Posted by CrenVerdis View Post
    I might accept this, but what i don't accept is:

    this. tbh. yeah there is john friggin madden but football has also some tactical depth! You can see this by the favouritable playstyle of different countries. or even in national football leagues. ala Bayern München buys really really good players for sitting on their bench just that other association (right translated?) can't use them. ^^ Or even the tactics for a match itself can be quite decisive.
    Aye if you take a look at Spanish football, and Italian football there's a huge difference in playstyle. Spanish football is in general a passing game where you hopefully end up outplaying the defense giving you a huge scoring chance. Where Italitan football in general focusses a lot more on the defensive part of the game, breaking down their opponents attacks and throws leathal counter-attacks.

    This is also seen amongst the spectators, if you take Holland/The Netherlands, their spectators are known not to be satisfied with a win, they want polished beautyful football on top of it. Where as most other nations' spectators are satisfied with a win.
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    im not saying there isnt strategy involved in soccer, i was just stating there is strategy involved in football as well. and for all of you people saying take of the padding all i have to say is you dont seem to understand that rugby they make contact football players collide. the fundamentals of tackling in football and rugby is different. you cant give an inch in football in rugby the field is bigger so you can. without the pads people die, if people die the sport gets banned. btw there are far more serious injuries in american football than in rugby

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinshiva View Post
    umm. what?

    You mean Handegg. Not football. You play Football with your feet. You play Handegg by jumping on top of other men for a pig bladder shaped into a badly grown melon; every so often a dude kicks it, just so that someone else can pick it up.
    No, that's not Football.
    Also: there is NO excuse for padding. At all. I give you: Rugby. Which is only marginally better than Handegg.
    I lol'ed. Handegg is a great name. Especially when you imagine Americans saying "Hey you wanna play some Handegg?"

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    I hate both of them. As in my opinion;

    I do not get any viewing pleasure out of watching men run around a field in shorts kicking a ball.

    And when it comes to the publicity of football (and soccer) it's pathetic. For people to actually make it apart of there life as a spectator and get into it so much is sad.

    And hooliganism that follows it, it's so pathetic.

    And don't even get me started on their pay, Jesus...

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    handegg indeed hahahaha

    i prefer to watch football (thats soccer in english btw :P )

    but football video games are terrible, I actually like the tactics in handegg games. havent played any since john madden on the megadrive but that was fun

    tbh its better to compare handegg and rugby, as they are much more similar games, but rugby players are miles more hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rezusian View Post
    I like the skill level of soccer, the reason I have never got into American Football is the crazy amount of rules, the plays, the amount of players involved, the breaks every few seconds (minutes?).

    I studied American Sport slightly back in college and Americans supposedly love high action physical games which is why I don't understand why most of the sports are so broken up by time-outs, quarters, etc, etc, and then on top of that all of the padding? Just confuses me a little!
    I think, with no disrespect to Americans, that they have shorter attention spans, or atleast when it comes to sport anyway. Both American Football and Baseball are high action, then a break, then high action again, then a break. If football (soccer) was changed to be like this it would basically be teams taking turns having set pieces (corner, free kick etc) and when the ball went out of play or into their defensive half, the other team would get a turn to do whatever set piece.

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    Nobody likes Bayern München. A few songs here in Germany dealing with the Bayern. 1860 is the preferable Munich association

    On a sidenote just one and a half years till european tournaments.
    Well thats also a further point. continental championchips and tournament of national football teams. I can't remember many other countries to play am football with ^^
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    I get a lot of joy out of American Football. I got really into it when I was younger, with season tickets with my dad to the Lions back when they weren't horrible and had Barry Sanders with them, and I tell you, he was a force to be reckoned with. A tiny, 5'8" force of sheer unstoppable running might.

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    Don't know about you guys, but where I come from we refer to soccer players as "grass fairies". American football is about overpowering your enemies. Now that's a man's sport.

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    It's called soccer because it sucks! To me it reminds too much of other sports (or the other way around) handball, water polo and cattle herding. Football on the other hand is always guaranteed to have at least one point giving event during its span, which means a lot to me since i could give a rats a.. about the tactics! If it's not extraordinarily technical or good then it's not worth paying too much attention to in my world. Though in the end i would always prefer to watch a good NBA match instead of the two under debate, simply because there isn't much downtime, the plays are fast and you don't have to listen to some commentary yabb about it for 2minutes before something happens again, plus the game is more open for "magical" GOOOOOOAAAAL's, it's like handball regarding to the exploding game play and passing around to spot a defense hole it just makes a bit more sence when it comes down to the rules and the major leagues are male (nothing sexist i just get distracted when women play ball).

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    The padding for American Football is not necessarily for protection. American Football is supposed to be a sport of masculinity, and the pads add emphasis on the size of the upper torso, and legs. The padding is there to make them more "manly" I would say. As for fat, this is truth, but only for linemen. You don't see fat WR or Safeties.
    As for comparing the two sports. I would much rather watch American Football. Every time I watch soccer I get bored of watching people kicking a ball back and forth across a field. Never seen a clutch play, and probably never will. Rugby, although it is probably more physical than American Football, I'd pass on watching a bunch of men in short-shorts grappling each other in the mud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistafreez View Post
    Why so much hate between the two sports? Which sport do you think is better and why?
    Personally I prefer American football seeing as I play it at a high level.
    Football is the original ie what you call soccer lol American football is more like a odd version of rugby league lol

    and for myself prefer watching rugby its more entertaining when I ever do watch sport hehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by skypower View Post
    Football means you use your foot, so football=european real footbal.

    It requires much more thinking and can be way more amazing than the poor american sport that only requires you to gain fat and power and crash your opponents. Really boring sports in america like baseball hockey etc. Basketball is amazing ofc
    you sir, are a word in which would probably get me a ban on this site.
    I am an american and have played these "boring" sports my whole life. unfortunately, fans like you who never experience them misinterpret them immensely.
    first of all, i played quarterback throughout highschool (thats a position in football incase you didnt know). i can easily say that it probably takes the most planning, practicing and thinking than any other position in any sport I've ever played. for anyone complaining about too many breaks, you clearly dont understand what goes on during these "breaks", because they sure aren't as useless as they seem.
    as a quarterback, or any offensive player, once the play is over, your right back into the huddle to wait for the next play call. You need to make sure you have every play memorized and be able to recall what your role is for that play as soon as it is called, because you have a mere few seconds to get back to the line and run the play.
    soccer clearly lacks this preparation. get on a field, kick a ball around, maybe get a shot on net once every ten minutes? sounds real exciting! 1-0!!! so much excitement!!!
    american football games take so much preparation from coaches and players its just ridiculous...if a single player messes up their job on a single play, it could ruin everything for that play.
    in soccer....well go pass and kick and move...know where you should a few plays...your good to go....

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    I honestly don't understand why Americans call their "handegg" (lol) game football. As others have pointed out, you play football with, well, your feet and a ball.

    But to be more on topic, football (soccer) irritates me. I have hands for a reason, I just want to GRAB THE F*ING BALL. Rugby is awesome, and American football seems to be a superhero version of it.

    So in conclusion, American football and rugby > football.

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    The best American Footballers are great athletes. The best Association Footballers are artists, geniuses in their craft.

    There isn't anyone in American Football even half as talented as Messi and Xavi, or Zidane and Maradona were.

    Yes the sport is filled with greed, corruption, disgraceful fans, but the very best footballers provide the greatest entertainment in any sport.
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    To those of you that think pads make Football soft: have you ever been part of two 250lb people colliding going at full speed? Even with protection, you're still prone to injury because of physics and whatnot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buutch View Post
    Football > all

    I played am football for a couple of years and it's really fun. Its awesome to watch the games aswell. Its not like soccer "attack failed, attack failed, attack failed, attack CLOSE GOAL failed..."
    American football is 100% action!
    Handegg: Attack failed, tactics for 10 minutes, attack failed, tactics for 10 minutes, attack failed, tactics for 10 minutes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistafreez View Post
    American football has a ton of depth and complexity to it. Hours of studying film breaking down what your opposition does well, what you can take advantage of, what your your team could do better on. Then learning your playbook so that you know what signal means what, the timing between a quarterback and a recievers pass can mean the difference between a touch down and a pick six. I'll admit size is a major factor but a lot of positions take speed as well. You need all levels of athlete on your team to be successful.

    The padding is necessary for the type of hits american football produces, all the head to head contact people would literally die without them. Rugby does have major hits but I've noticed that they don't necessarily crash their bodies and their heads together as much. Every play in football there is head to head contact which without a helmet would result in deaths from numerous concussions.
    The only reason american football go head to head, is because they have those helmets, if you take them away, they wouldn't go head to head. The only reason someone in football would lead w/ their head is because the helmet is the hardest thing they have.
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    This really needs to just be a banned topic its like talking about what class is the most fun to play everyone has their own opinion 99.999% of them are extremely biased.

    Personally i think both are great and fun to watch/play but american football seems to rely more on individuals doing their job right and having good awareness rather than football which is more of a team game like basketball.(yes there are teams like the heat but who cares about those fags)

    and on the injuries PoV who cares which one has more because hockey has the worst 2 ive ever seen go to youtube if you really want to see(WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING they are sick as hell)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistafreez View Post
    The padding is necessary for the type of hits american football produces, all the head to head contact people would literally die without them. Rugby does have major hits but I've noticed that they don't necessarily crash their bodies and their heads together as much. Every play in football there is head to head contact which without a helmet would result in deaths from numerous concussions.
    If you tackle with your head you will have one of two things happen both of which you deserve for being a moron and tackling with your head down.
    1. The player you are trying to tackle makes you look like a fool.
    2. You hurt yourself because you compress you spine.

    Having played many sports through my life, the heirachy of difficulty is def

    Hockey > Futball(soccer) > Lacrosse > American Football > Baseball

    Baseball loses points because of its many stoppages and non-contact nature.
    American Football loses points because of its stoppages literally after every time anything happens
    Lacrosse is a mid ground where theres nothing I can really say either way because it does take skill but the contact is less then most but still there
    Futball gains off the immense amounts of physical endurance required as well as coordination and situational knowledge
    Hockey is the top for a few different reasons like the physicality of the game, the physical endurance, coordination of all the things that are going on, situational knowledge that can require any number of different actions to come to the final solution.

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