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    The sleepwalkers thread

    Coming from the "ghost in my house" thread, got me wondering just how many people sleepwalk, and the severity of their case each.

    Myself personally sleepwalk whenever im in a new enviroment or during periods of high stress. I have found myself in odd situations such as locking myself out of a hotel, awaking in my shower, pissing in the toilet where i put my socks (yes, absolutely real, i also lost my underwear in the tub somehow, no idea why) and of course the token on the computer.

    So MMO-C, how is your sleepwalking?

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    Mostly harmless
    My sister sleep walks.......I do not..that I know of.
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    I myself am not a sleepwalker and i don't know any, but i did hear of a story of a man that drove out to his mother-in-law's house and killed her with an axe in his sleep, and the court believed him. Sounds a bit far fetched

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    I used to sleepwalk a lot when I was younger, don't think I do any more though.

    I have awakened in the bathroom on several occasions.
    In my brothers bed (which was very freaky)
    I have been told I got up and stood staring out the window with wide-open eyes and someone had to lead me back to bed.
    I have gotten fully dressed during the night.

    Mostly harmless stuff really, but still a bit creepy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lily Crowley View Post
    I have gotten fully dressed during the night.
    Always a good way to start the morning oh yes, shaves off enough time to get that extra cup of coffee in.

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    Yeah, I guess I wouldn't say I'm a chronic sleepwalker, but there have been quite a few times where I end up waking up on the couch in my basement, or the living room, when I knew I fell asleep in my bed.

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    Sleepwalking? No, never.

    Not being able to trust yourself to stay in one place when sleeping, would be scary.

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    I used to sleepwalk when I was a little kid. On more than one occasion I got out of bed to take a piss and walked to some random place and just started peeing. Once it was in the hall and my brother saw and started yelling at me, so I went to the bathroom and started peeing in the tub, he figured it was close enough.

    Another time, we had some of our cousins over and we were all sleeping in the same room. I got up while we were all sleeping and started pissing in my older sister's face. I have absolutely no recollection of it occurring, but the next day everyone told me about it. They mention it every once in a while to this day.

    I also remember one time waking up in the middle of my living room, under a dining room chair. I remembered falling asleep in my bed, so when this happened I was like wtf. I must have moved the chair in there and crawled under it.

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    Not much "walking", but I usually just get up toss my pillow across the room and turn off my alarm clock... Though it only happens once or twice a month can never figure out why.

    Alot worse when I was younger, would always crawl into the living room like it was a war zone and have dreams about it afterwards...
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