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    So guys what does stack mean?

    here is how websters defines stack:

    Definition of STACK
    transitive verb
    a : to arrange in a stack : pile
    b : to pile in or on <stacked the table with books> <stack the dishwasher>

    so this does NOT mean to NOT STACK, stack means to stack, spread out means to not stack

    when the tank says STACK ON ME SO WHEN THE 22 MOBS THAT LIKE TO CHARGE RANGED WANT TO CHARGE A RANGED, there is no ranged to charge

    guess what happens then

    they don't charge

    so remember, stack does NOT mean to not stack, it means to stack

    so stack, stupids, i want your toon within melee range of my toon, if i could cleave you, i want you to be so close that i'd cleave you

    and remember, you CAN STACK BEHIND the mobs to avoid the big mean bad guy's cleave as well, that is also common sense that the stupids do not understand.

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    ok, for the sake of argument i will just say this:


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    Stack of care inc

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    i always wondered what that meant!


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    How to write troll in 10 characters and less.

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    Wow. Need to vent much?

    Is this a continuous problem or did you have one bad experience?

    If this a continuous problem then maybe it is because people don't like to listen when told, "Stack does not mean don't stack stupid!".

    I don't know. Good luck to you and your efforts to teach people how to stack.

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    I'm going to respond the stupid thread with a stupid response. If you ever played the game "Sims" you know the characters can't speak properly. You my friend speak the "Sims" language.

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    omg, thank you for sharing!

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    Stack = pile. To stack = to make a stack/pile somewhere. Easy as that.

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    I understand the OP's frustration. Everyone time I have ever told the rest of my group to stack on me whilst tanking they seem to stay as far as possible from me as they can.

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    My smoke stack feels left out in your "webster" dickshunary definition.

    do you normally emo rage on mmo forums about stuff that happens with 5 ppl in game like we were the ones who didn't obey your direct orders?

    i prefer to stay as far away from the OP as possible.

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    I think he is one of those tanks that quit the heroic mid boss because he typed for everyone to stack and they ignored him. It's OK man, WOOOSAAH. Tell ya what, next time bring the boss to them if you have to get them to stack. If you want something done right, do it yourself.

    Unless this was on Argaloth, then you need to start kicking people.

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    Heh, nine times out of ten when I PuG H BRC I try and get the group to stack for the Meteor trash and there's at least 2 ranged who are deathly afraid of being near a big bad nasty elemental. I've even had times where I ask people to stack in, then give up and drag the mobs TO them, and then they turn around and run away.
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    Tbh I understand where the OP is coming from. I've had allot of problems with this. If I say spread out people tend to clump together, if I say stack they tend to spread like there was no tomorrow. Have seen this happen on multiple occasions since TBC.

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    I usually stack all my mining/herbing mats around in all my slots, never more than 2-3 in each slot. Just to stack up nicely.

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    Imo mmo-champion forum isn't the best choice for rage therapy.

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    Thats why in german we say "stand in me" and not stack. The complex idea behind a stack needs people to understand the fourdimensional hyperspace. because wow actually doesnt have collision detection between characters this works without quantum mechanics. However the concept still displeases many players as a stack would mean on top of each other. This only works in Vashir or throne of the four winds during the alakir fight.

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    It's like the warlock boss in GB.

    "When you see the add spawn from the pool of fire, if it is joined to you by a line of fire, run away from it. Yo, run AWAY, AWAY, no, the other away, what you are doing is running TOWARDS, please run AWAY......... that is still towards....... what do you mean, "What killed me?"......../facepalm"

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    Am I the only one that thought this will be another Paragon bashing thread after reading the title?

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    stack = 20 items

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