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    Talking Hunter names!

    heya, i just started lvling a new hunter (checking the changes and pets)
    Played hunter pre-tbc as my main raiding ZG/MC/BWL.
    Just cant come up with a great name for my female troll huntress =<
    So anyone having some sirious names for a troll huntress?

    i came up With Anji nothing else came up my mind =<

    In return! hunter name generator!
    wow.wolfdragon net/panda-wow-name-generator


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    Quote Originally Posted by caragenerico View Post
    Night Elf till I die
    Everything else is second best

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    I named my troll hunter Tetzugi, hes male tho but its the best name ive ever come up with imo, mabye u can use some variation of it like Tetzugia ;D do that all the time

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    I always use
    coz bob is a boss!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonnica View Post
    "Bowjob" o.O
    YES thats the name for hunter!!!

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    Mario and pet named Yoshi

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    Hunter name: Killthepet
    Pet name: Killthehunter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manito View Post
    Hunter name: Killthepet
    Pet name: Killthehunter
    I kinda like it! Would be funny in arenas for example ^^
    How about a troll hunter named "Mon", and then a pet called "Poke"?

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    For a while I had a hunter named Biscuts (with his pet raptor, Gravy).

    Personally I'm not a fan of names that reference the class of a character though (rogues are the worst offenders of this). Go with something that fits the race instead.
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    Rottenhood for undead

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    Haha nice suggestions! keep em comming.

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    lol yeah, Legolas the CCbreaker.

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    pet name; BecauseOfMe

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