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    Target switching macro for arenas

    I started doing arenas recently and I am having some trouble to switch targets fastly to CC and then go back to the original target.
    Is there any addon or macro to do this? TAB doesnt work well, because I always end up targeting a pet or a totem (WHEN it works), so isn't there a way to bind shift-tab to switch between arenatarget1 and arenatarget2 ???

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    Just bind;

    /target Arena1
    /target Arena2
    /target Arena3

    I have them set to SHIFT-1/2/3

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    thank you. gonna check out once I get home

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    You can get into options and check target players only or something like that. Only problem is if you do BG's you can't tab target vehicles or npc's where you got to click them which really sux.

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    If you use the following you can have a key setup to target arena1 ,or focus arena1 if you hold down shift.

    /focus [mod:shift,@arena1][] %f
    /target [nomod,@arena1][] %t

    A solution to the problem of binding /tab to 'target nearest enemy player' is to bind shift+tab to 'target nearest enemy'. That way you can still PVE and target pets/vehicles without clicking.
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    Look outside ur window, i derr?
    I play a warrior and i focus the target im not nuking. then if i see lets say the shamen cast hex i have a macr on my charge so if i hold shift and click i use it on the focused target. Cant remember it now sry.

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    #Showtooltip cyclone
    /clearfocus [target=target]
    /focus target
    /cast [target=focus] cyclone
    for me as a feral druid i need this to happend on the target in 2v2 that i dont attack. What this does:

    in the start you have to chose a focus target, then you go attack the other target... When you switch target to the "curently" focus target, this macro will remove the focus of that target and make it on your last target + cyclone it or whatever ability it is.

    As for me i dont have any other buttons for cyclone but for this macro, u dont even have to switch the focus target untill u need to CC the other person, then it will automaticly cyclone and focus it over to him. So you can still keep the focus target on your attacking target until you use one of your CC abilitys.

    This makes it very easy to just switch target for 5 sec also that u dont need to switch the focus before u "really need it". This works best for 2v2 as you only have 2 targets. So this macro makes it easy to cc as a feral druid. But if u need to cc your current target (as in a resto druid having his lifebloom soon out) this macro wont help, so it helps to have a extra key somewhere to cyclone your current target also.

    Remember to go into Interface - Controls - and turn Sticky Targeting[OFF].
    If this is [On] and you klick with your mouse button outside in the field and lose the portrait of your player, you will have a "No target" as a targetlasttarget. This means that you wont have the macro to run in reverse - reverse of what you target.
    With Sticky Targeting[Off] you wont have that problem, you will always have one of them in target even if you klick your mouse outside in the field.
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