View Poll Results: So, do you believe in ghosts?

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  • Hell no!

    22 41.51%
  • Most of the stuff is bullocks, but some things can't be explained by science.

    12 22.64%
  • I believe in Poltergeists and the like, though not in semi-invisible people.

    4 7.55%
  • All ghosts are real! I saw them myself! BE AFRAID!

    4 7.55%
  • Whut? Santa is not real?

    11 20.75%
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    Do you believe in ghosts?

    Simple question, you can discuss it further if you like.

    Me, personally? Don't believe in anything of the lots. There are no ghosts, poltergeists, phantoms, whatever.

    Same with "cases of extreme strength" or whatnot, there's a scientific and logical explanation for everything. I also don't believe in a god, but let's leave that out of here. [Though I do think that there's some kind of connection here... in the sense of somebody being susceptible to belief in an overpowering deity not having much of a problem of believing in something illogical.]

    Edit: DAMN, forgot to include "I ain't afraid of no ghost" in the poll... T.T
    Any mod able to do that? Would be highly appreciated instead of "Hell no!".
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    It's astonishing how confused people get when a sentence does not end as they potato.

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    I don't believe in ghosts. I have been given no reason to and until I have ample evidence to indicate otherwise I will continue to not believe in ghosts and doubt their existence.

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    i don't really care. i think, given the case there were things like ghosts or undead...why do all films, books, etc. always picture them as evil? feeling no pain, having all the time in the world, how lazy a life is that? i would be super relaxed as a ghost. anyway, just speculation because..well...there aren't any.

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    Sure. No reason not to.

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    I had to vote ''Whut? Santa is not real?'' cause it made me lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smoothe View Post
    Sure. No reason not to.
    Unless that sound the ghost is making is actually a water pipe that cracked. Perhaps the images of a ghost that only you can see are a tumor.

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    do i believe that there are things that can't be explained by sience? Yes
    do i believe in ghosts, poltergeists? No

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    Why should anybody? :O

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    <---- Monist/Agnostic

    Believe in something, but nothing definitive. Don't believe in consciousness after death. Yay for blackness!

    No afterlife = no ghosts. Therefore no, I don't think ghosts are real.

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    But related to the final answer on your poll:
    This should interest you.

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    I never did. My parents do, my friends do. I'll tell you what really annoys me. If we ridicule someones religion/what someone believes in, we are bad. But it is ALWAYS fine to rip on people who dont believe in stuff (we get it all the time. I mean, George Bush even said that atheists cannot be american patriots. Im not american and even I find that offensive). I get called all sorts of stuff for being skeptical, its like people think skeptical means cynical, and blind belief without evidence is beneficial.

    But no, I dont believe in ghosts. For all people talking about 'unexplainable phenomenon', go watch Seance by Derren Brown. One hour show which, at the end, sured up my disbelief.
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    Be afraid i see them every day! lol
    No honestly i don't think ghosts or spirits manifist themselves in any way.
    We all die and thats the end of it we never come back.
    Although i have heard some creepy things before from people i never suspected would say such things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brettshock View Post
    But related to the final answer on your poll:
    This should interest you.
    Interesting post. Sadly, this logic could be applied to everything and thus kinda "disprove" all we know.
    Due to the fact that we have an infinite amount of universes, there is also one where a God exists that has reversed gravity. [aka all objects with a mass push other objects away... think gravity was defined kinda like that.]
    Then there must also be a universe in which a person exists that travels through universes and on it's way collides with a pink dragon that's being hunted by a gameconsole, which powers itself by injecting heroin into it's arm.
    The pink dragon then picks up a tool used to reverse gravity and uses it on our Venus. From there, the field in which gravity is being reversed stretches out by 5000km/h.
    Strangely, also due to the infinite amount of universes, a green dragon did the same thing.
    He, however, went to our Mars and deployed it there. So did the blue dragon, but his tool stretches out only at half speed.
    And funnily, the effects cancel out. As long as the yellow one doesn't start his, but he did. Same as the brown one, now it cancels out again.
    Etc. pp

    See where it's faulty?
    It's astonishing how confused people get when a sentence does not end as they potato.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voij View Post
    See where it's faulty?
    This is why I dont actually take the many universes theory. When you go into it, it just disproves itself. Kinda drives you away from free will too...

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