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    Gotta Love How Helpful Trade Chat People Are (Pic)

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    It's called trolling, don't feed'em.

    Btw, I think /2 trolling is fun, I liked the picture you took.

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    Well first of all you ask a stupid question and all that, but secondly you should not be posting char names on the forums.

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    A stupid question will get a stupid answer.

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    Well it was not a well worded question for what it was asking to be honest. Obviously there are guilds. One would have to expect replies like that. Just the way of the world...of warcraft.

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    In their defense, thats kind of an obvious question to ask ;-P

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    The poor guy had it coming... Giving /2 feed to all the trolls *Shrug*

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    Please post funny pictures here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...res-megathread

    It just clutters the forum otherwise. Closing now.

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