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    (Reincarnated) Tool of the week.

    I don't know if this is allowed but, I saw a thread that I was really excited about posting in and participating in… but it was locked due to constant flaming and trolling. I would like to reinstitute a similar thread so that the people who would like to participate and stay on topic can do so without any nonsense. This is meant to have tasteful comedy please.

    Please post a short story of a “tool” you have encountered, that you might find entertaining to the readers. We will do this every Wednesday and on the following Wednesday we will pick the winner of who had the best tool story. Try to be real and not make up any please. On the Tuesday before Wednesday we will create another thread for “Tool winners” and I will choose the top 10 tools, and we can all place our vote and the next day on Wednesday we can announce the winner and start a new thread of “tool of the week”.

    With that said… here is my tool of the week:

    I worked as a lube tech once at a local Toyota service dept. it was just a job to get me through school. I don’t really have any desire to be an experienced mechanic or tech. so I don’t claim to act like I know everything about auto vehicles. Around my fifth month with Toyota, we got another new lube tech that had the garage next to mine. He introduced himself and right off the bat he started claiming he knew everything about being a mechanic and that he had years of experience. He also said that he built his own hot rod and races with it. At the time I was ignorant and believed him and asked him for advice on auto problems. He continued to be very arrogant and know-it-all when it came to anything auto related. I finally asked him why he was here as a lube tech then if he was so experienced. He simply said it was a second job or something to that affect to try and pass off the question. Anyway… low and behold he is fired right in front of my eyes by the service manager a month later because he continued to forget to put the oil plug back into the oil pan during an oil change and so anytime customers got their car back… oil would spill out everywhere and a head gasket would blow the engine, causing a large cost deficit to the company.
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    my tool of the week goes to the little 16 yr old princess driving her new car while texting at the same time.

    She was in the lane next to me and almost swerved into my vehicle. Then, when I honked my horn at her , she threw her arms up in the air (giving me the finger) and gave me a dirty look. She then got behind me and honked her horn while driving wrecklessly. Definite tool in my opinion.

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    The best "tool" I ever had, was years ago, when I was general foreman of a boat shop, where we built 50ft. sailboats.
    The "tool" was the company owner.
    He only came around once a week, to 'check' on things, and bring the payroll, for me to disburse to the employees.
    So, whenever he showed up, I'd give him a huge list of things I needed/wanted/ done or procured.
    He always came through with flying colors, and seldom let me down.
    To me, he was the perfect "tool". Always worked, reliable, and didn't cost me anything !
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