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    Who are you favorite bands?

    Who are your favorite bands to listen to all the time? Not (or maybe) while you raid, but all the time. Bands you couldn't live with out at the moment or live without forever.

    List your top 3...or 5 if you have more and say a little something if you want about some of them.

    Mine are:

    1) All that Remains
    2) Five Finger Death Punch
    3) Bullet for My Valentine
    4) Avenged Sevenfold
    5) Three Days Grace

    I just love the lyrics in songs by BFMV and Three Days Grace, some of their songs have helped me get through some tough times. Ivan Moody's voice in 5FDP is Godly imo and ATR and A7X are just amazing all the way around.

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    Please use the cinema/tv/music/books forum for such threads. there are already plenty like this there.

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