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    animal identification

    Basically I'm searching for an online tool to identify insects or other animals.

    I remember back in high school biology using some type of system but I forget the name of it, though I remember the basics of how it worked and I think it's the best solution to my inquiry.. though I'm generally open minded when it comes to technology.

    Here's a brief example of the system that I'm referring to:

    1- Is it alive?
    a: Yes (see 2.)
    b: No (see reference table x)

    2- Does it have hair?
    a: yes (see 3.)
    b: no ( see 5.)

    3- Does it have a tail?
    a: yes (see 4.)
    b: no (see 8.)

    4- Does it have legs
    a: yes (see 9.)
    b: no (see 12.)

    etc etc so on and so forth until the questions became more and more specific and finally, if followed correctly, came to what you were analyzing.

    Does anybody know the name of this system of identification? Does anybody know of an online tool to assist in the identification of animals, plants, etc?
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    Haven't used one since high school biology... 13 years ago...

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