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    Problem with choosing a MS!?

    hello all well as the title says i am having a problem atm.. i like all 3 specs i have been asked to use all 3 in the last few weeks in guild raids and heroics.
    I am just having a hard time choosing the 1 i like the most at this time i am geared in all 3 sets for raiding avg item lvl of 350 almost all rep items + heroic items.
    I do about the same as each spec with holy on the bottom of the 3 atleast from my view. i am not sure what to do i dont wont to roll on items in raids till i choose tho , anyone else having this type of self debate?

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    I am really impressed with the Holy play style. I can't compare to other Cataclysm healing specs but I find it very interactive and versatile. Also the strongest healer atm.
    Prot is really good in terms of threat and utility.
    Ret also fun!

    Currently im specced prot and holy, but you should serve your guild/raid group as needed. Think of what you won't get bored doing.

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    i dont get bored doing any spec atm lol

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    Roll a second paladin Having two allows you to have each of the specs plus an additional pvp one. Problem solved! I think someone's earned himself a little nap, yes sirreee.

    But ye, I started out as a retri paladin, going through about a year's worth of prot before landing on Holy at the end of Wrath and now I'm a warrior. Take what you will from that

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