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    Why does paladin dont have duel-wielding?

    I just wonder becaus every melee can use duel wielding , hunter / death knight / warrior / rogue / shaman so why cant paladin use duel wielding ?

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    Lore !

    Why not allow taurens to be paladins then ?

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    Lore, mostly. Paladins have always been seen as avengers with big hammers and what not.

    Edit; And imagine if they had dual wield. They would be like any other class out there. If you want to dw just roll one of the other classes instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iphi View Post
    Why not allow taurens to be paladins then ?
    I c wut u did thar...

    And, because it would be stupid trying to balance a Tank, Healer, 2h and dual wield class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dango View Post
    I just wonder becaus every melee can use duel wielding , hunter / death knight / warrior / rogue / shaman so why cant paladin use duel wielding ?
    Shhh, don't encourage them :P

    But for the question, probably because the paladin class as a general concept in fantasy games is rarely protrayed using 2 weapons and it just doesn't seem quite right. I know one of the templar classes in Hellgate: London did dual-wield, which was one of the reasons I didn't enjoy playing them. I guess there are some traditions in the genre that just shouldn't be broken.

    Gameplay wise it also opens up a slew of issues in rebalancing all their attacks to operate around both options, and it would probably require the seal system to be overhauled again to reflect the change.

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    First off... if you can please change the name of the topic to "Why don't Paladin's have Dual Wielding?" Believe me, it will incourage alot better discussion.

    On topic a bit more, throw hunter out of there because they are not a melee class.
    So your question is equivilent to asking why can't Shaman's and Rogues use two-handed weapons (I know Shaman's can, but they shouldn't). It's how the class is designed and it just doesn't fit the lore very well. Besides having to redesign all of the ret abilities to compensate for both 2-handed strikes and dual strikes, it also makes the one handed drops have that much more competition for it.

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    Sorry but I kind of cringed when I saw the topic title and had to post.

    Anyways think medieval knights. Giant axes, giant swords, giant maces, sword and shield, mace and shield, axe and shield. Kind of the image they are trying to work with.

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    Becuase they´re different. If they get dualwield, why not let dks have shields?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dango View Post
    I just wonder becaus every melee can use duel wielding , hunter / death knight / warrior / rogue / shaman so why cant paladin use duel wielding ?
    Fixed: Dual wielding

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    Pallys cant dualwield because they can heal. They have a heal-tank-dps tree. No space for dualwielding.

    Also god forbids a paladin to dualwield "thou shalt not wield one wife next to another" or something like that. And YES weapons are a melees wife.

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    Because not every class can play with each style. Rogues and shamans cant either use two-handed weapons at all or at least not effectively. Shamans used to be 2H users in Vanilla but not after even though there has been a minority of wanting it to be so. In my opinion dual wielding fits for sort of "berserkers" which paladins lorewise are not.
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    Same reason as they can't use daggers. The concept it too confusing for them.

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    Let me put it this way: have you seen how much QQ the forums has seen regarding the frost tree for DKs and the enhancement tree for shamans?
    If not, then I suggest you go check em out. If yes then you know why paladins don't dual wield.

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    because not everybody is supposed to know everything

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    arrr. this is the third post i read about paladins and dual wielding. z.z
    Why not rogue plate wearer??!!!1!1!1!!!1!1???!

    But would them paladins get any better with dual wield? i doubt it.

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    a paladin can already heal,tank and more recently deal competitive damage. why not make them shapeshift into an angel and give us all some deserved perving time while they solo the boss for us. seriousely. your class can do anything and everything (druids too). stop whining and roll tank so the rest of the classes that can have better q times -_-

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    I disagree with paladins being able to use 2 handers as well. The iconic thing about paladins is their shield. Ret paladins should be balanced around using a 1h so the damage is the same, but more fitting to a paladin.

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    Technically you could blame D&D a lot for the paladin stigma that's survived the last 30 years in gaming. In the Greyhawk suppliment for D&D 1st ed, Paladins had a lot of descriptors about them. Holy avengers, Lawful Good, taboo's with poisons, lie-ing (sp? lol), non-pure forms of combat / chaotic combat, or even stealth. 2 handed wielding in D&D back in the day was considered a non-honorable form of combat, more of a berserker or barbarian vs a veteran of the righteous. So the lore behind dual wielding for pallys comes from years of gaming behind it.

    Yea I even dug through my books to see where they were added lol. ><

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    more importantly why can't arms and protection warriors dual wield. my zg fist set is lonely.
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