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    Was it my lack of Gear, or the Tanks? (somewhat failed heroic)

    I healed my first heroic last night (holy is my offspec) and it didn't go that great. Did Lost City and got first 2 bosses down with no issues other than me being drained of mana by the end of the fight. No matter what we did we just could not get Profit Barim past about 15% without me being so completely OOM that we wiped. My question is: is it a lack of gear on my end or more of a lack of gear on the tanks end or a combination of both? also dps was rather low as all the people except for me and one other in the run were alts ~ dps for the people in there was from 7 - 11k per person.

    So in all, was it just the entire group lacking? Or do i need to wait till i get a little bit more geared to even try healing with a better geared tank?

    *edit* - tank had 119k health unbuffed

    I know i'm only ilvl324 - i attribute that to my ilvl 200 trinket bringing me way down
    I know i have no enchants on my gear, this was a spur of the moment idea to try and heal a heroic and didn't have time to square everything away

    me //us.battle.net/wow/en/character/uldum/gwydion/advanced

    ^^ add http: before the //
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    There are probably too many variables here to make a snap judgment, but your gear is not terrible (324, not 224). As a healer I usually kite the phoenixes (the red ones not the dark) myself so that all deeps can stay and tear the boss apart. It's a mana intensive fight, and your regen is on the low side. Also if the tank wasn't kiting during the dark phase, he was killing your group. Only pretty geared healers can make it through the AoE if the shades are getting to the boss.

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    I honestly can't remember if the tank was kiting or not, was too busy blowing all my CD's. Lol

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    As was said neither sets of gear (yours or the tanks) is terrible, assuming you're judging every time it's up and using your divine plea during less healing intensive parts it could have just been bad dps not doing what they were supposed to or just RNG kicking you in the face.

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    Your gear seems pretty bad and your mana regen is abit low...

    But are you judging on every cooldown? - Maybe if u have time, go melee the boss(ofc you're using seal of insight all the time)
    Using divine plea? - When you can afford it, or use CD's to compensate.
    NOT touching flash of light? - Flashes can be great, but shouldn't be used hpm wise, so I'd use divine/holy lights/shocks/WoG's ONLY at ur lvl of gear.(even if holy radiance seems like the easy way, keep it mind it's 10% of ur mana!)

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    Well, get some more spirit so it won't happen again (you could get some by reforging that nasty mastery or crit off of your gear, or to haste if spirit is already present). Having said that, the tank shouldn't be in a heroic with that healthpool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vomlix View Post
    Well, get some more spirit so it won't happen again (you could get some by reforging that nasty mastery or crit off of your gear, or to haste if spirit is already present). Having said that, the tank shouldn't be in a heroic with that healthpool.
    119k UB if plenty to tank in a heroic - in fact, that's about what's it's balanced around.

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    So, I've got a prot pally, a ret pally and a arms warrior at L85. ret and warrior are at ilevel 340ish. Prot pally is around 332. They are all geared appropriately with tank or DPS plate, no mix and match.

    119K unbuffed seems a little light to me, my tank is 122K, but honestly, I'm not going to tank a heroic until I have her over 125K unbuffed. You would also need to know his avoidance numbers to get a good reading.

    My opinion is that ilevel 329 is a minimum with *correct gear* on pri spec where you know what you are doing and have a lot of experience. If your healing a heroic, every plate item you're wearing should be starting with STA, INT or INT, STA.

    Otherwise you are not going to do well regardless of role just squeaking across the line with some items that are off spec. Especially if you are not familiar with your secondary spec from doing normal dungeons with it first.

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    I was in a similar geared group and we really struggled on that boss until we decided to kite the shadow phoenix and nuke it. Only time we touched a shadow add thingy was to slow / stun it. Much easier than trying to kill them.

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    Heroics are tough when you're at the 329 ilvl. They are also tough at the 350 ilvl is you don't really understand the fight mechanics. I would say that it could have been a mix of gear and lack of skill. I'm not saying that you lacked the skill, but maybe the tank was lacking the skill needed to make up for his lack of gear. Either way, I'm sure you both learned something about that fight and will do much better next time.

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