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    Saurfang facts, your favorites


    • High Overlord Saurfang can kite a critter.
    • When High Overlord Saurfang AFK's out of a Battle Ground, YOU get the deserter debuff.
    • If Saurfang were to open a trade window with you, all your gold would instantly be sent to him.
    • Saurfang DOES know the location of the cow level, and beat it 42 times.

    My four.

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    High Overlord Saurfang can cleave Azeroth and hit Outland.

    He can execute his enemy at 100% health, just to save time.

    The Deeprun Tram was made when he charged at IF from SW.

    C'thun is his ashtray. Nefarian is his cigar. Ragnaros is his lighter.

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    My favorites are all of them

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    High overlord saurfang does not take fall damage, the ground takes saurfang damage.

    High overlord saurfang raids you!!

    when High overlord saurfang flushed, he created the maelstrom!!

    High overlord saurfang made wetlands wet
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    Omg dude vanilla was so awesome because I was awesome and other people weren't awesome and it made me happy to be special because it was so awesome and I was happy.
    Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!

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    High overlord saurfang doesnt try's to catch the ball when keeping in football, he move's the goal
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    2/0 = error , 2/∞ = error
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    Thrall once dared Saurfang to punch a wall in Orgimmar, the result was Ragefire Chasm

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    Saurfang once had a dog that he trained himself. One day the dog got lost while at Silverpine Forest. That dog is now known as Crowley.

    High Overlord Saurfang is really the person who gets First Posts, but due to a glitch a random name appears.

    If Saurfang is fighting a paladin and the paladin bubble hearths, Saurfang will be at the inn waiting for them.

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    Half of all your repair costs are actually royalties paid to Saurfang for all the damage you've done to mobs. This is because Saurfang invented damage.

    If a rogue uses [Shadowstep] and appears behind Saurfang, Saurfang is still behind the rogue.

    saurfang doesn't crit when he attacks, infinity is not a number.

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    Years after Saurfang cleaved all gnome priests and paladins, Saurfang got bored. He wanted to feel the flesh of holy gnomes getting sliced by his axe again, so now in Cataclysm there will be gnome priests. But no paladins. Saurfang deems the gnomes unworthy.

    Indeed, they are not worthy to be Paladins

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    After High Overlord Saurfang's son died, he spiraled into a deep pit of alcoholism and despair, regularly beating his wife and eventually being arrested by Dalaran Human Services. He now resides in the Stockades bunked with two gnolls named Maurice and Lawrence.

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    Tassadar really didn't kill the Overmind, Saurfang did.
    Saurfang's epic flying mount is a Battlecruiser.
    There's only one reason Orcs aren't in Starcraft. Saurfang doesn't like space.
    Saurfang and Darius Crowley once entered a staring contest with each other. The result was the Cataclysm.
    Howay the lads!

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    When High Overlord Saurfang tanks, he doesn't generate threat. He generates promises.
    On that note, he can't really tank anyway because hostile NPCs are too afraid to attack him.
    High Overlord Saurfang forced the Spirit Healer to take resurrection sickness.
    High Overlord Saurfang actually died 10 years ago, but Death is too afraid to tell him so.

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    ah, the old saurfang misgivings, how I've missed them.

    When Saurfang's fish died, he flushed it down the toilet. We call it the Maelstrom.

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    Kargath Bladefist used to be known as Kargath Steelhand until he was bro-fisted by Saurfang following the destruction of Stormwind. The event was so momentously epic his clan was renamed "the Shattered Hand" in honour of it.

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    The cake isn't a lie, Saurfang got it, also note that the phrase "The cake is a lie" actually was misspelled, it was meant to be: "The cake is alive", which, coincidentally, actually is a lie, as Saurfang cleaved it.

    Saurfang did For The Horde without setting foot into the Alliance cities. The leaders hung themselves when Saurfang yelled their names outside.

    Saurfang observes Algalon.

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    Saurfang can out drink a Dwarf.

    Saurfang is prepared.

    Saurfang melted the ice stone.

    Saurfang corrupted the Ashbringer.

    Saurfang rerolled a Pandaren, picked Alliance and Horde.

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