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    And another ret idea: Judgements of the Templar

    I always liked the WotLK judgements, better said their additional effect. Here's an idea I've been tossing around for a while im my head:

    Judgements of the Templar:

    <add fancy text here> Enhances your Judgement depending on your current seal.

    Seal of Truth: Consumes all of your applications of Censure, instantly dealing Holy damage equal to x% of your Censure's periodic damage on the target.
    - Somewhat a mixture between Conflagrate and Improved Lava Lash. With the new Censure stacking in 4.0.6 getting 5 Stacks up between judges should be easy. Also quite handy if you don't want to leave an annoying dot behind (Magmatron, I'm looking at you)

    Seal of Justice: Judging a target further than 15 yards away will cause a knockdown/root/stun for 2 seconds.
    - I'm not much a PvP player, but this would make up a nice synergy with LaotL I guess.

    Seal of Insight: Restores 3% of your maximun health every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.
    - It's always been bugging me that paladins lost pretty much all of their passive selfheal (JoL, DS sort of..) and a huge chunk of damage for their instant heal, you know AoW FoL vs. WoG. They'd still lose out on some offence but it won't be quite as bad, also could make use of some decent seal twisting.

    Seal of Righteousness: Causesa wave of light that hits all targets within 8 yards for x Holy damage.
    - Well, given that this one is pretty much crap to begin with, some sort of better AoE is the best thing I could come up with.

    Now I'd put this one in place of Sanctity of Battle, removing it entirely and make CS 3 seconds baseline. With the somewhat slower HP generation coming 4.0.6 this should make the gameplay more fluent. I know that this would further devalue haste for retribution paladins, but coming patch it will already be our worst stat and honestly I'm fine with 2 decent stats, especially considering reforging.

    Now that I've seen several of those topics I also wanted to give it a shot and I'm curious what you'd think of this. :P

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    adding unique judge mechanics to seals would be nice but we all know it will never happen. devs are happing with 3k holy damage judgement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dio the Holy Diver View Post
    adding unique judge mechanics to seals would be nice but we all know it will never happen. devs are happing with 3k holy damage judgement.

    OT (Gotta contribute, and I love to post about Judgement effects ): This'd be a great idea, by the way, didn't we get Seal dmg to proc? So we ALSO stack Censure? I was sure we only got SoT to proc with the rest, but we got no extra stacks. I'll edit the post after I'm corrected, or if I'm right, although the ideas seem great, but I can't give my opinion without being sure about censure stacks in 4.0.6

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    They gutted seal damage for a reason, as dumb as it is since they wanted to get rid of passive damage. This unfortunately woul apply to you idea. It's a great idea but doesn't havea chance in hell of actually ever happening. Seals might as well just go away at this point.
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    some sort of judgement damage increasing talent for ret would be cool. I mean seriously, protpalas are doing ~2x the damage when they get vengeance cuz they use same judgement as ret and get wayyy more AP from vengeance.

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