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    Quote Originally Posted by Kev111 View Post
    Really Blizz? Cater to the casuals again and ruin Cataclysm. Thanks bros.
    Oh yes because having to carry three dps pull under 3k and a healer who moves to stand in every fire and walks into explosions is TOTALLY what heroics are supposed to be like...

    Every time I tried to pug it would be the same thing. They don't know what CC is. Sometimes they'd pull under 1k dps ("JUST /kick THEM " unfortunately it doesn't work when three of them are from the same server). They stand in fire, and fml, that boss in grim batol. Possibly one of the easier bosses in all heroics, they'd die every single attempt, taking two...three..four firebombs to the face. No matter how far I got the boss from the fire bombs spawn before it came out. Despite whether or not I'd charge away and stun it before intercepting back. No matter how hard I pushed the perfect rotation I can not carry that many idiots.

    The "casuals" make up like 95% of the players. They pay 95% of the subscriptions. Should they not be allowed to play endgame?
    No.. Casuals DO see endgame. They played hard modes and beat them eventually. They just do it after the hardcores because they don't play 7 hour raids 5 times a week to clear new content the moment it's released. Casuals do not need a buff.
    Casuals do make up 95% of the subs. Hardcores 3%. But the ones who get carried hardcore through everything, need that 30% buff to deal 5k dps a frost DK in AoE, and stand in fires are only 2% of the subs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adeleina View Post
    So now, folks, we learned that making things hard and nerfing them right after by 15% is a great idea.

    Also, punishing people for playing with people they know and like to play with is great idea. 15% less for them, I say! Stupid socializers...

    Anyway, back to thoughtless grind of heroics... 15% faster thoughtless grind inc...

    Grinding easy stuff is fun!

    ^ That was all sarcasm, in case someone didn't notice.
    I doubt that their intent was to punish playing with friends/guildies, but to encourage players to use the dungeon finder tool more to reduce the time in the queues.

    And honestly, I don't understand what difference does it make if heroics get "nerfed". First of all, raids won't get nerfed (which are the main PvE content imo). And you already complain that they are too easy, so does it really matter if they make them even more easy? It's not that big a "nerf" (or a buff, whichever floats your boat) after all. Secondly, I personally tend to meet a lot of 5k dps people, so for me the "nerf" is more than welcome. In addition, there are already people that do the heroics for valor points only, so in the end this "huge nerf to PvE" is pretty meaningless.

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    This is actually a great change and I am amazed how it never came up anywhere... Random LFD runs certainly can be a pain and this kind of sort of solves it.

    With the upcoming nerf of most "problematic" bosses that will come in 4.0.6 heroics will be tuned down by quite a bit but I dont see that as a problem.

    Well played Blizzard, finally even people who play casually and/or arent 100% on top of the game (talents, rotation, tactics etc.) can somewhat enjoy pretty much the only PvE content that is actually designed for them.

    PS: I really dont like people who are smashing their cocks against the keyboard bitching about this. "The big boys" are supposed to be in the middle of downing heroic raid encounters now, not farming heroics. And if, for whatever reason, you want some challenge in heroics... Then dont use LFD (no buff) and maybe go 3man them. :P

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    Yay they're fixing the Luck of the Draw bug, maybe now I can get my Perky Pug.

    Maybe they'll nerf the buff they gave to the buff in a later patch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nest View Post
    Blizzard really went the easy way on "fixing" this.
    Well - they didn't design it any better so they dont have a choise. Its either this or close down LFD for randoms. I know most of the QQ posters right now would love that.

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    Though the buff will make heroics easier and it's not needed...I think the buff is okay. 15% is a pretty big buff though.

    To find out that the 5% buff wasn't working anyway...I'm not sure how blizzard doesn't notice that in all the testing. Now as a shaman I can tank..right?
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    While heroics are pretty easy at this point, a lot of you underestimate just how bad people are. Case in point HOO yesterday, virtually every fight in their its me and a newly geared pally (who could at least manage to stay alive usually), soloing down every boss from 50% on. Thank god I was on my blood dk and could heal my damn self even if/when the pally did die. Anything to make it easier to carry the fools you'll inevitable have to carry through a simple, basically mandatory for me to do heroic, is appreciated. People will hopefully get better over time if they are actually doing the content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathsenemy View Post
    No offense, but im sure 12 of the 15 million subs are "casual". I ask you, as a business, who would you listen too? I dont like the nerf either, but its the "smart" thing to do for blizz to cater to the "casual".

    Mmmm I doubt it. I'm sure that the 12 million casuals aren't all level 85, especially since they are casual... So that reduces the number significantly. Probably at least 500,000 of those people are people who have quit but their time hasn't run out yet or they forgot to take off the auto monthy paying thing (oops. D I'd have to say at 85 only half of the people are the casual I want free easy gear type. The other half want the game to be a decent challenge =| Hmm......

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    I don't get why people want heroics to be so difficult. Can't you 4 or 3 man it, if you find it too easy? Don't all paying customers deserve to enjoy end level content even if they are 12 year olds or 50 year old housewives?
    I've 4manned the last boss in grim batol... twice... once with a dps dying right away (1st fkin shadow gale) and the 2nd time with the healer dcing right on the pull (tank self-heals and some offhealing by the boomkin saved the day lol).

    The change to the buff is actually interesting... when I do my tank randoms from now on I might just go with 1 pro dps (for speed ofc) and pug the rest to get the 15% buff lol...
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    Quote Originally Posted by vinnyboombat View Post
    As tank... regardless if the dungeon is easy or not, I still insist that the PuG's I tank for CC. At least at the start of a run. I tell them "We'll start using CC. Show me that you're capable and we'll step up the pace based on the groups healing, dps and knowledge".
    I say 'Hi'. Then pull. No marking, no cc. Guess what: it is fine :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluenose View Post
    Most of the heroics are getting nerfed in one way or other with this patch.

    That combined with luck of the draw should make it close to faceroll.
    if by MOST HEROICS you mean a SMALL HANDFUL then yes. Don't exaggerate changes that happened taken place yet. There is a PTR for a reason.

    Face Rolling would imply that you can live through aoe DMG without heals or pull multiple groups at once.

    This is simply NOT true with pugs and undergeared tanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miku View Post
    Why would they buff pugs and not guild groups, blizz. Sigh. Seriously? Sigh. You make an expansion where you talk about how everyones gonna need to be in guilds and guild groups and you make people work together to get guild bonuses and 2 months later penalize people who are in guild groups? Fail. Total Fail. D: There goes CCing as well, why CC when we have a 15% buff on? Actually, I'm starting to think this whole ICC buff thing is going to ruin wow =| First ICC was made a joke, now heroics(but only if you pug.), who wants to bet 2-3 months from now we will be seeing a 20ish% buff in BwD and BoT? =|

    Let's see... Retard much?
    People that go in guild groups know eachother in a way and have much better co ordination. However 5 people that never met eachother might have trouble to work together, therefore blizzard helps them by making it easier for them. Stop qqing and try to think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retrofade View Post
    Thank God... no heroic PUG I've been in has ever made it past the first boss, in any dungeon. It got to the point where I just stopped bothering with trying, and started leveling alts instead.
    Congratulations, you are the lowest common denominator.

    This is pretty damn silly. Heroics were fine. They were challenging for the first couple weeks of the expansion and then became virtually faceroll. Nerfing them further and further is just pointless. It does nothing but trivialize the content and make what's already a kinda boring run through a dungeon even more yawn worthy. We're not that far away from Heroics becoming the roflstomp runs that WotLK had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duster505 View Post
    Ppl dont leave because things are hard or easy ... they leave because the GAME isn't fun. Most ppl dont even bother to say goodbye. There was a big group of old players counting on LFD to be able to give them more casual friendly enviroment. Instead they got a 5 man version of hell with 30 mins waiting time. 5 years of game - ppl taking a second look ... finding out the truth - and then dont bother. This is something that Blizzard doesn't need stats to show... Everyone knows this by now.
    The game becomes not fun when the game is too easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendball View Post
    why so much qq?


    everyone keeps going on about how they only run everything in guild now
    yet everyones qqing that this buff is like the ICC buff and will make everything ezmode

    i know most of my runs will only see a 5% increase at most
    This. A thousand times this.

    I checked out a couple of posters who posted "MORE NERFS QQ, ridonkulous. Lust vanilla!", and the same people are the ones who were moaning about pugs being terrible.

    You pug a lot? Get annoyed with failed groups 'cos of co-ordination? This helps.
    You don't pug a lot? This doesn't effect you in any way shape or form.

    Ultimately they have made a slight change (not gonna be that big in most cases tbh) to getting blue gear.............(VP for epics later on, but that's another issue)

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    Jeeesh. I think the amount of rage in the Warcraft universe must be a constant - that is, if something is bad, people will rage about it. Now, when it's changed, other people rage about it.


    Aaaaanyways. It's really not that big of a deal, folks. I think it's a nice buff for puggers, but I promise you this isn't going to "make things faceroll" if you still have tanks pulling everything all at once. At least not while they're wearing 312 gear and have a bunch of pvp stuff in their bags.

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    5 man heroics are not the endgame. The raids are the endgame. The same bad players who geared up through randoms in Wrath still couldn't down LK with 232's and 251's on. Thanks Blizzard for deciding to go with enjoyable rather than exclusionary. Making 5 man's too hard for the average below-average player is a quick way to drop your subscription rates substantially. Now maybe I will add my 3 tanks to the random cues and speed them up a little bit O.o

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    People are going nuts at blizzard, am I suprised? No im not.

    The thing is, this buff will help out all those pugging heroics thinking they are hard, this buff will however not eliminate certain encounters etc but only give you a slight Damage/healing/hp buff, and I repeat not a nerf to encounter mechanism.

    And who the hell even cares really, I did heroics from the 2nd day it released and had a hard but fun time now Im decked out in epics like many others...isnt it time to move on AWAY from heroic dungeons and actually cater our eyes to the current raids?
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    Dear god this community whines a lot not. On both sides. There was a huge failure rate with pugs. People are complaining about long queue times. So they are trying something to see if it fixes it. Not everyone has 45-60 minutes to wait for a queue to pop and then spend another 1-2 hours for a pug to painfully work its way through a heroic. Yes, guild groups are the answer but sometimes you are only given the option to pug on a given night due to RL.

    I really don't see what the big deal is with people getting so worked up about this. Being in all heroic blues doesn't make you leet or amazingly impressive to anyone. If you want to QQ about this change, please feel free to link your armory profiles where you cleared heroic ICC before the buff hit 20% and where you have fully cleared heroic Tier 11 content. Oh can't. Just because you want to thump your chest and sound big and macho, doesn't mean you should when you don't have the credentials to back it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowflay View Post
    No wonder 10 man is more wanted, BECAUSE SOTA SUCKS
    True, but I regret losing Arathi Basin because of that.

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