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    Yeah, you know what would really make PuGs better as far as coordination? Actual GOOD in-game voice chat that people want to use.
    This to be honest... get rid of the buff completely and fix the in game voice chat, use Dolby Axon to run the voice chat or something? then people would be able to communicate during boss fights easier and we wouldnt have this problem as much.

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    Has anyone stopped to realize how little 15% is? If you're a shitty dps you're doing 5k dps... if you add 15% they're now doing 5.7k dps. Should we really be saying the game is broken because we're giving some scrub 700 extra dps?

    So in all honesty, it's a rich get richer situation. Where good geared people are scaling much better then poorly geared people. 15% is not as big as you guys think it is. If the weather says a 15% chance of rain, odds are you aren't bringing your umbrella just saying.

    Also for you elite few who say that easy heroics are ruining the game... if you're so awesome and progressed why are you still in heroics for anything more then valor points? Why aren't you in a progression guild that runs these with you? Why aren't you raiding for a challenge? Are you going to go complain that lvl 70 heroics aren't a challenge anymore? If you want a challenge do the challenging content out there. There's a whole tier of raiding, heroic raiding, achievements, all made for hardcore players who want a challenge... but no you guys want to roll around in your full 346's and act like a BAMF for it? We've had 3 months to do heroics, personally i have 2 characters out of heroics in both their mainspec and offspec if you're all as progression hungry as you say you are you should be done with em too. So let the people who couldn't get a good group, or who don't have a good guild, or who just couldn't do the content as released, have their time...

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    Why not make it wrath all over again ghostcrawler......

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    Sound like a big deal to me.
    Originally Posted by damntree
    Your momma so ugly Illidan said he wasn't prepared.

    ----DO you THINK you HAVE the PoWeRs TO know...That thing Super Heroes do.---
    Garrosh Hellscream 4LiFe <3

    The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekkeloko View Post
    Why not make it wrath all over again ghostcrawler......
    We can only hope that would happen

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