As the title says, I'm looking for work to do in Photoshop. I've got CS5 extended, and I've had it for quite a while now. Everything I've learned has come from online videos and experimenting with a few friends' photos that they send to me asking to have a few things done.
I'm wanting to be able to do more things in PS because it's something that I really like to play with, but I think I've exhausted my resources when it comes to asking my friends to give me one of their pictures, and requesting something different in it.

So, here's where you guys come in. If you guys can send in a picture or two, and ask for a change, then I'll see what I can do! Also, if other people out there have PS and would like to join me in messing with photos, then you're welcome to do so ^.^ The more the merrier.

- Also, if things aren't to your liking after the final edit, please feel free to say what's wrong with it.