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    Random fps drops for several minutes.

    The issue was solved.
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    V-Sync should be on for a start..

    Secondly how much ram do you have and have checked task manager for anything running high in memory?

    Also check with the graphics on the lowest in a quiet place like theramore..

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    Why should V-Sync be off? I thought that decreased fps even more?

    I Have 3.3GB Ram and DirectX10.

    Edit: Yes I did check and there was nothing chewing up my memory apart from WoW.
    Try disabling DX10, while ur card may be dx10 enabled, its a very low end card.

    secondly, check your CPU temperatures both idle and running WoW. Depending on the revision of your CPU, you may be running quite hot and motherboard is downclocking the CPU to try and prevent damage (had the same problem a while back with my old q6600)

    What resolution do you play WoW on?

    WoW is very CPU intensive and the Q6600 is the low end of the market now. It may be time to look at upgrading your rig

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    aasdssdfsdfsd blonde moment, I thought dx10 was dx11 then.. FAIL i blame the beer

    What were the temperatures of the core's ? useage shouldn't be a factor

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    ok, after a bit of thinking what ur problems could be, it may also have something to do with ur gfx card.

    Before patch 4.0.1 i was running a HD4650 in my q6600 system, When patch 4.0 hit, I died a little inside with the massive FPS drop (40ish constant to 15-20 constant and since upgraded to a GTX460 before upgrading my whole system.

    On a low end card, 1920x1080 will pretty much be unplayable. you're very lucky to get the performance you did.

    Although WoW is mainly CPU intensive, it will also put strain on the GPU while in area's such as STV or Twilight highlands.

    The only thing I could suggest is to lower your resolution quite a lot and check ur driver configuration to ensure nothing is being forced on

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