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    This doesn't look good right? [GPU Question]

    That can't be good right?
    like 90 degrees and 0% fan speed....

    Only thing that can solve it is buying a new graphic card, any ideas?

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    Open up your case and look at it... is the fan on your graphics card working? If not, you can get aftermarket replacements. The process will be a pain in the ass, but you don't need to replace the card if you don't want to. However, depending on the price of aftermarket fans you might want to just get a new card.

    Check your warranty too, you might be able to get this fixed for free.

    Also, if it's not spinning, stop playing games until you've fixed this problem or you'll fry it. You can maybe still poke around in windows and on the internet for a few days while you try to fix the problem but keep your case open. If you have a house fan or something like that to blow air on your graphics card, use it.
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    i think your fan is rotating, without it you must see artifacts in screen while gaming, just open your rig and remove the dust

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    Open case and look for yourself if the fans are working on the card or not, and if the fans are making strange noises.

    Nvidia cards are meant to be running at very high temperatures, 90C is not a problem necessarily as long as the fans are still working.
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    high temps yes but 90c while idling is probably too high

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    Your damn fans aren't running. I would do something quick, because if there is 0% load and its 90C, you are probably hitting dargerous temps that can fry your GPU by playing any game. Are you messing with overclocking?

    Download MSI afterburner and try to set the fan speed using that. If it isn't working, then your fans are probably messed up.

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