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    GPU keeps over heating?

    Something up with my GPU, The temps keep Skyrocketing really high.

    This is a new comp it's only been happening the past couple of days, at first i thought it was because of directx11 been enabled in WoW, so i disabled it and it was fine until now.

    The temps when wow is running jump to 48-51 Degrees *C.

    Dunno why it's being this high, Stable it goes a slow as 37*C but then jumps up to 50+ once WoW is on.

    CC is as follows settings :

    High GPU clock settings : 775Mhz (lowest is 775Mhz)
    High performance memory clock settings : 100Mhz (Lowest is 1000Mhz)
    Manual fan control is at 75%

    Current Values

    GPU clock: 100Mhz Memory clock: 300Mhz

    Got any solutions? WoW just keeps freezing and making buzzing noises, then my MS shoots up and Dc'd me.

    tried with Directx11 Enabled / Disabled

    Fan at 100%,
    Opened window,
    None to avail.

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    Is the fan actually working on the card if you look inside the computer while it's on?

    And what card it is exactly? Guessing from speed is not very productive.
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    Think i found the problem... AMD Overdrive was enabled me thinks... --.--

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    The fan is clean and working correctly,

    Saphire 6850

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    Radeon 6850 is supposed to be running at 75-80C at full load depending on which manufacturer the card is from, so 50C is no reason to panic at all.
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    Nope still happening, game freezes and i get a DC.

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    Have you overclocked your CPU? What are the temperatures of motherboard and CPU? Might have problem with RAM, try running memory test to see if the DDR sticks are fine.
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    Done nothing out of the ordinary, These freezes just starting happening.. could it be a virus? I havn't downloaded anything either, do scans regulary, and know not to open dodgy stuff / click dodgy things

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    Perfectly normal temperatures. Also if you are experiencing high latency spikes followed by disconnection, blame your internet connection, not your graphics card.

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    Haven't OC my CPU, Stock I5 2500k, Temps are all ranging fro m34-39*C

    Not sure how to do a memory test? (DDR3 1600 Ram 4G)

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    Thing is Plasmon, my bro's MS is fine (we're both on same ISP, i'm wireles he's wired)

    My Mouse cursor laggs out (Even outside wow when that starts freezing up)

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    Look for a overclocking Fan tool, I use Vtune for my Nvidia card while playing games because the computer controled fan speed is wayy to slow causing Bsod's and similar problems, soon as i poped the fan to anywere from 30%-70% speed on the dial = perfect

    Found this, Catalyst Control Center™ Fan speed control
    This release of the ATI software driver version 8.54 introduces the ability for users to control the speed of the GPU fan when running in accelerated graphics.

    Increase the fan speed will drop the *C on the card ive been able to bring my card down from 70*C to 30*C with fan control
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    They're stock specs at 3.3Ghz surely thats fine to run WoW ? It has been fine running it the past week (I got the PC last Friday)

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    Have got CC which is the options that i posted above, as Vesseblah has said my 6850 should easily be able to handle the temps needed when the GPU is at full load, which is around 50*C (Idle they get to about 36*C)

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    Tell me the core specs of the pc, cpu ram and so on.
    Buzzing noises from your speakers ie coming from a sound glitch or hitch on wow? or a pc buzzing ?
    Have you tryed system restoring back to the most notiable "playable" day ? sometimes software dont like each other.
    Its hard as a hands on system techy to know whats going on from liverpool lol

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    I've put CC (AMD overdrive back to Default)

    Automatic Fan control, (Seems to not be able to manually change the fan speed without having overdrive on), See if i get the problem again.

    PC specs are :

    Intel I5 2500k @3.3Ghz - 3.6Ghz
    4G Ram, Kingston HyperX blue 1600Mhz
    Running Windows 7 64-bit

    Buzzing noise comes from my Headphones ONLY! when i start to get a game freeze.

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    So have you tryed playing with the default settings applyed ?
    Pc specs are perfect.
    Sounds strange but change the port on the headphones or even take them out for a try see if that helps, again im just trying to reel off simple things that could be conflicting with your computer or wow because you've stated that the game was running fine at a earlyer date, so its ether a dodgy install of WoW or a new software change that fucked it :S

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    those are quite cool temps for a GPU. 70-80C is normal for a GPU. Not quite sure what the problem is.

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    video cards made within the last 10 years or so are designed to safely perform under 80c. gtx400 series and newer, and i'm sure the newer (4/5k+) AMD cards can operate safely at 90-100 before you need to worry. Although you didnt say what type of GPU you have (could even be onboard video from all you provided), I can almost definately guarantee that 51c is completely safe temps for it.

    PM me your video card model, or CPU/motherboard info (if no external video card) if you want and I will help you locate the exact safe ranges of temps.

    I had a gtx 8600 that ran at 70-75 under normal load, upwards of 85 under heavy load and lasted me a while before I bought a 465. Still a functional card though, just upgraded. As I type this my GPU is sitting at 59c idle and its nowhere near trouble zone. I promise, unless you are running a 10 year old card you are fine.

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    I'm not sure what the deal is with buzzing sounds, perhaps you could describe that in more detail. When the game freezes sometimes it repeats the last half second or so of game sounds in an infinite loop... could that be the buzzing you're talking about?
    Could you also be more specific about your freezing? Is it really the game is freezing or are you getting latency and then a disconnect like you mentioned?

    If your problem can be described more as a lag spike then disconnect, it might be your wireless internet. Wireless internet is bad for gaming. It tends to drop connection and have random lag spikes pretty often, and some of that is caused by the computer constantly searching for various wireless connections in the area. There's a way to get it to stop searching for other connections when you are connected to your home connection, but I don't remember the details about how to do it. You might want to try a test, bring your computer close enough to your router that you can plug the computer directly into it, or bring it to your brothers area and swap with his ethernet cable if you don't have another one for this test. See if having a hard wired connection fixes your problem, and you might also want to disable wireless during this test if you try it.

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    Turned AMD overdrive off (all Default) meaning the Fan control is automatic, cannot put it on Manual without having Overdrive enabled.

    so far it's looking fine. Fingers crossed it was AMD Overdrive that was blowing my Graph card up.

    @Plasmon what i mean by it Freezing is, Everything around me is fine, but if i made the slightest mouse turn or camera turn, the music would start buzzing, my wow cursor would start jittering over the screen. Leading to a DC. It looks like a sever DC, but everyone around me is fine, when i send a message it takes a while for it to send. /Gchat /2 mainly, not B net. the buzzing noise hmm think of a speaker input not being in properly and it makes a "BZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" sound very low deep frequency. but only when this occurs.

    Saying this however it may be fixed, will post further info if it does, but so far it's been a 30min+ without the problem persisting, all i am doing is sitting on one of SW roofs making a new UI. (I log out to DL addons).

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