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    Steelseries Cata mouse question

    So many of the buttons are preset to interface commands such as opening bags and several of the targeting functions. When I attempt to rebind these mouse buttons, it also rebinds the corresponding keyboard key. Is there any way to separate this so that when I bind a mouse button it doesn't bind both the mouse button and "t" or "g" or their modifier key binds.

    I'm currently using domino bars (not completely up-to-date) but even when I tried to bind via the blizzard keybind interface, is still did the same thing.

    Thanks for any useful info.

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    There's a setting in the SteelSeries Cata Mouse software called "Enable in-game mode" which changes the buttons from in-game functions into additional unbound mouse buttons when the corresponding detection setting is also enabled in the Interface Options in-game.

    Alternatively, you can simply use the software to change the functions associated with each button.
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