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    Leveling as holy or disc?

    I just started leveling a priest (after much debate, seeking a class to keep me interested in the game) and I have much intention of healing dungeons more often than not. I will have a shadow off-spec for questing/pvp but i was wondering, from level 10-80 or so on, which spec would be better/more enjoyable?

    I'm hoping priest is the class that does it for me (after trying shaman (at 80) and a hunter)


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    Disc is probably much better while leveling since you just cast PWS shield on the tank and penance and flash heal if he/she gets low on health

    EDIT: You should probably make a poll
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    I thought so. It seems penance/the early talents will be better for disc than holy...especially since the spell you get for choosing holy isn't much of a healing spell. And yeah, shield/penance does do a lot of healing compared to incoming damage at lower levels.

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    Disc is stronger than Holy until Chakra.

    When you get it, you will love it forever and never want to go without it.

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    Discipline is the way to go, spec into evangelism and archangel and you'll be able to pretty much solo quests and still be able to heal dungeons, on a bit higher level you could go Attonement and spam smite in lower level dungeons, it will heal the tank. Oh the never endless fun .

    edit: I don't get it, I think Chakra sucks or am I just too much into disc healing... I don't find holy as half as interesting as Discipline but oh well, thats just me.

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    As other people have said, going Disc and getting Evengalism/Archangel and Atonement and you can heal just as well as a Holy Priest at low levels and can pump out some very nice damage too.

    Once getting higher level (maybe around late Outlands) I would try both just to see which you prefer, for everyone that loves Disc healing theres a person that loves Holy just as much

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