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    Video chip in laptop?

    is there anyway to replace a video card/chip in a laptop its too late to take a new pc i bought back and everything is good but the video card/chip everyone is telling me so far it takes a expert to unsodder it out to replace it or something but if anyone knows anything about it let me know plz ty

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    I remember some website offered to replace the integrated cpus and ram on the original xbox though i have never seen such a service for laptop video chips. More then likely you will have to bite the bullet and resell your laptop for one with better video hardware.
    I suggest doing this sooner rather then later since used computers are pretty much like used cars
    even if you did find such a service it would easily cost roughly half of what you paid to get the laptop in the first place assuming you paid 1000+ for it
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    Indeed, while there are a select few laptops where you can somewhat easily replace the video card ~ I highly doubt you have one (these are 2k+ and highly advertised as so). Your best bet is just to sell and buy a new one.

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    Only if your laptop came advertised as "replaceable GPU" it can be replaced, otherwise you're screwed. Problem is not only soldering, but the laptop heatsinks are usually very strictly measured and both CPU & GPU running at close to maximum temperatures, so if the new chip runs 5C hotter, it might just overheat whole computer.
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