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    Xbox 360 on my Monitor

    Is there anything that allows to me to use my xbox on my monitor and to tab between my computer and xbox?

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    Nope, you won't be able to actually tab from computer to xbox. However you could hook up your 360 to the monitor via HDMI and switch between computer to xbox via the buttons on the monitor.

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    what do you mean by buttons on the monitor?

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    Depends if your monitor has 2 inputs. Mine only has 1 DVI connector, so I had to go out and buy a DVI > HDMI connector for $15. Everytime I wanna play I have to take out the other and put it back in .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnx014 View Post
    what do you mean by buttons on the monitor?
    On most current monitors there is a source button that allows you to switch between different outputs like VGA, DVI and HDMI. So for example you could have your PC hooked up DVI, Xbox VGA, and PS3 HDMI. They you can switch between them.

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    Actually you can I believe. I don't have an Xbox, but I am assuming you have component outputs. You can use a component to VGA cable that will allow you to use a VGA monitor on a component source. Once you convert to VGA that way, you can go through a KVM. A manual switch KVM will work and there are some automated ones that you can use your keyboard to flip between by hitting the scroll lock or some other hotkey.

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    my monitor is a newer one and does have VGA and HDMI. It is an LG and i found the sourc button on it . Thanks

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    I have both my xbox and computer connected to my monitor, and I can switch between the two using the monitors inputs.

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    if you connet your comptuer with a hdmi you shoud be able to tab between them sens hdmi can send comnads aswell it is just tricky as hell geting it to work

    (there are some screens i have seen that has 3x hdmi outputs so you shoud be able to concet a xbox, pc and PS3 on those and just switch)

    otherwise that is allways swtichers you can use that just splits your hdmi out put to 3 parts and you can just hit a switch and it changes

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16882754017 not hard to find a swtich
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    My monitor has 1 HDMI and 1 VGA. My computer uses HDMI, and my Xbox uses VGA.

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    You can also install a capture card on your PC.
    I currently use one that has an HDMI and a Component/Composite input. I have my PS3 plugged into the Component input (Not XBox, but it's still applicable, just do the same thing). The card comes with software that you just open and it displays on your monitor whatever's being fed into the card. Can alt/tab to your desktop with your XBox still running.

    This is the card I use: http://www.avermedia-usa.com/avertv/...il.aspx?Id=482

    Works great.

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