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    i would get both versions but sadly i don't have a NDS

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    Quote Originally Posted by moaradin View Post
    They need to remake the originals and do more work on the animations and graphics again. Make the pokemon battles actually 3d. I remember a pokemon game on the gamecube that was a lot of fun, but it didn't have any grass or anything, to get pokemon you pretty much steal them from other people. Its pretty dark for a pokemon game.
    They did remake the originals shortly before the original DS was released. Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen, they were excellent. Still, a Wii version of a proper original Pokémon game in the vein of the original handhelds is something we've always been hoping for. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to happen. Both Pokémon Colosseum (the Gamecube game you mentioned) and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness (it's spiritual sequel) were brilliant games, even though they didn't closely follow the handheld scheme.

    But yeah, I would kill for a proper Pokémon RPG on the Wii with graphics similar to Pokémon Battle Revolution. Unfortunately, that was the only fantastic thing about that game for me, all the attacks just looked brilliant.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, I'm definitely getting one of them. I still can't quite decide whether to get Black or White, because I like the legendaries equally. I'll have to base it on whether I want to see Black City or White Forest (the version-exclusive areas).
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    I'll be getting the White version. I do agree with Krekko and Moaradin though - maybe the incoming Nintendo 3DS will see fancier graphics/3D battles etc, and pokemon designs REALLY need a bit more effort put into em. This new generation of pokes - 95% look terrible compared to those from the Red/Blue/Gold/Silver eras. Seriously, who's ever gunna use that icecream cone looking one?

    Once I'm able to trade/transfer my classic favourites over though, it'll be awesome.

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    I'm getting White, I prefer to catch more pokemon.
    Right now I'm IV breeding a nice Cyndaquil to transfer into White.
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    I'm definitely getting a copy. I will probably get black cause I usually pokesav the ones I want. I hate EV training, Breeding, and IVs. I also heard that the battle subway (battle tower) is actually pretty difficult!
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    there's a pretty cool electric zebra in black and white
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    Triple battles? Not sure if serious... y?

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    will dl on see if I like;

    but meh gets to much of the same imo why always a fire/water/grass pokemon to choose from at start??

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    I miss playing Pokemon Red when I was like 8

    Not a fan of the 900 new pokemons though.

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    Exactly, if they allowed us to pick any of pokemon as are level 5 i would have bought it in a second. No legendaries of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krekko View Post
    I'll get the game, but I'm honestly tired with the direction the series has taken. You have only a handful of "cool" Pokemon now, the rest are just silly/idiotic spin offs of the old ones.

    They need to stop adding more, and condense it and then build on other things, outside of having more pokemon who no one likes.
    This, this, this so very much minus the "I'll get the game" part.
    I could barely finish Diamond and didn't get halfway through Platinum before dropping it. HeartGold wasn't too bad...but honestly the last Pokémon game I really got into was Emerald. It's kinda like WoW these days. Just bored after playing the same game for years. The silly/dumb Pokémon coming out now are just pile driver sun lasers on the coffin.

    WTB another Colosseum game. Or even better, a new original 3D Pokémon game that isn't a shitty set of minigames or a bad Stadium knockoff.

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    I stopped playing them once I couldnt play them on my tv anymore.

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    You know, without new pokemon, the series would die very quickly.
    I'll probably get flamed for this, but it's the truth.

    Just imagine WoW without expansions / content patches for 4 years, it's basically the same.

    And also, there's 649 pokemon right now.

    Oh, I think there should be a vote "which one are you going to get"
    "Black, White, Both, Neither of them"
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    649? Whaaaattt??

    Admit it, you still remember most of this.

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    I AM!!! and I'm 24... Can we sticky this so when it comes out we can all exchange trainer IDs? o.O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epsilon View Post
    Im looking at the new pokemon on serebii, and some of them look awesome (i.e. Sigilyph) but then some of them are just really dumb looking (i.e. Musharna,Vanilluxe) I mean, what the hell are those? A fetus, and an ice-cream cone?

    EDIT: Overall, i think there are more stupid looking pokemon then cool ones. Ill still probably get the game though.
    If vanilluxe didn't have mediocre stats and bad typing, he'd be my favorite pokemon of generation V because he is an ice cream cone pokemon. Overall though, the more I look at them the more I like this generation's batch. It was the same for gen iv. I went from scizor being my favorite pokemon to infernape. He's a badass monkey.

    On another note, it's pleasantly surprising to see a pokemon thread pop up on this site every other day. I thought I was the only one who got into pokemon after wow got boring til I noticed this trend.

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    I hate how they keep adding in these stupid new Pokemon that keep looking worse and worse as time goes on.

    But I'll be buying Pokemon White.
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    Il be getting one of them when they come out tought i do think the new starters looks weird atleast the old ones was awesome Charmander & Bulbasaur and Totodile ftw.

    Havent figured out wich one im gonna buy tought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jibbyjackjoe View Post
    Preoredered black. Really excited to get me EV training on! I had a couple good teams on diamond. I'm really excited for this game. It's gotten really high review scores from a lot of game sites/critics.
    Ugh! EV training, but even worse the endless breeding for the perfect IVs. Why do i put myself through this!

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    I'm currently playing a translated Pokemon Black on R4. The game's not full translated and the projects never really get finished becomes the American games come out before the people working on the project can finish, but as it is now, you can play through the majority of the game and fully understand it.

    Right now I'm only up to the 3rd Gym and I've already noticed some parts that are not translated, but they are basically extra features of the game that can remain untranslated without making an impact on the story line.

    The starters in this game are pretty ordinary except for the fire one, who ends up evolving into a Fire/Fighting type and can learn a few fighting/rock type moves, which really helps in early stages of the game. I have yet to try the other starters, but from what I hear, the grass one is the hardest to start out with and the water one is kinda in between. I have a feeling Game Freak is using the concept of starters as a way of picking your difficulty in the game.

    Black and White both offer 156 new pokemon, the most pokemon for any generation yet. Yes some of them you won't like of course, but there are many to choose from this time around and none of the newly introduced pokemon are linked by evolution to any previous generations. Its quite a big package we're getting in this generation.

    Also, some speculation has been going on about events that happen throughout the game (special events giving legendary pokemon, special items, etc). It has been guessed that it will be possible to unlock 8 more gyms through events since a 16 badge possibility has been put in the game, but people only know how to get 8 badges so far =\

    All-in-all the 5th generation games are quite unoriginal, but introduce new mechanics, like someone said before, "Its like WoW, same game, different mechanics that we've been playing for years." Theres some better online play, for example you don't need a friend code to battle - now you can battle at random. There's also a "dream world" that allows you to use your pokemon on the internet (my guess is through the use of web browser - [which is not currently possible on pirated games]).

    TL;DR - Great same game, most newest pokemon of any generation, new mechanics, and great replayability.

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