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    That's because your metabolism is running then. You're hungrier, but you also burn more calories by doing nothing out of your daily routine. Also why a short morning run can help so much in losing weight. For me though, it wakes me up and gets me prepared for the day.

    Also: Always loved that segment. Reminded me of the old games when the Pokemon came in as black blobs before the fight started. Was fun trying to guess which it was (some of the fishes got confusing)

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    The fish were always confusing for me...

    Drak... hey What's new in your world?


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    Scariest Pokemon ever:

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    Quote Originally Posted by mynameisjona View Post
    Scariest Pokemon ever:
    I don't even... wut??


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    It's a bug from the 1st Gen games. If you caught it, your game was basically screwed

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    They were the best games ever though (aside from Ocarina of Time)

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    Y u no post Pokemon?

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    Same to you Nut!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mynameisjona View Post
    Y u no post Pokemon?
    Pikachu isn't pokemon now?


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    heya arless, my ihvsrslylagg toon is soon 83 ^^

    + 33

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    It isn't when the picture doesn't show up! (your +28 post)

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    That Pokemon still really confuses me (never played 3rd Gen)

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    +38, I's back guys. Had to go out for some shopping.
    And that's deoxys. All I know about it is that its name comes from the beginning of DNA. And also it gets different stats based on which game you play it on.

    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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