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    Quick question on healing trinkets..

    With the Mandala of Stirring Patterns apparently getting buffed to proc for INT rather than Mastery, does that make it one of the top 2 trinkets for healing? I'm a holy priest running with Core and Tsunami, but should I be going for the Mandala in favor of the Core? If I heard right, the Mandala will proc giving you a total of ~2000 INT with the +321 inherent.

    Whether or not the total INT proc is true, I am still curious about the top 2 trinkets.

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    Yup the trinket is going to proc int instead of mastery, and from what i have read, it will be around the 2000 mark, like the mastery is.

    As disc I will be using the Mandala and Tsunami Deck, Others in bags for other situations. But the massive int, is going to be a great boost.

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    anyone else think the buff makes mandala/tsunami the go-to combination?

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