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    Quote Originally Posted by moogogaipan View Post
    If not give it a rest, or send them a bill for your advertising services.
    You whining about them whining is just as annoying <,<

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    Why would you quit wow for another mmo.

    If i quit wow i would take a step back and just be happy ive regained control of my life

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    Quote Originally Posted by xStevooo View Post
    The trolling/crying/whinging/flaming is coming mainly from the WoW fanboys in denial that another MMO on this earth cannot possibly exist.
    I play both games, but am sticking with RIFT for now for 2 reasons : 1) Having huge amounts of fun (how long the fun lasts i dont care) ... 2) Massive amounts of customization available at my disposal.
    2 things WoW doesn't have at this moment in time, and don't look like having in the near future (being carbon copy clones of everyother guy in SW does not appeal to me). Just my opinion.
    You left for the big shiny armour? Good F****** riddance =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Future View Post
    If it were about Swtor or GW2 in 10months time or whenever they both are finally released i could understand.

    But people sperging over a random unproved MMO which will drop to below 100k within a month are hilarious.
    Do you know how many games in a list of 14 well known subscription based MMORPG's have hit the under-100,000 players mark as of earlier this monthr? One. Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. People said the same thing you said about Aion, and look at it - still running at over 3 million subscribers. Honestly, if there's a couple hundred thousand subscribers, the game's doing just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dio the Holy Diver View Post
    M-M-O champion. Not "W-O-W champion".
    and when you have sight problems you buy your google at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleavesworth View Post
    Why would you quit wow for another mmo.

    If i quit wow i would take a step back and just be happy ive regained control of my life
    I'm sorry that you let a video game get your life out of control, but honestly, if you can't play an MMORPG without feeling like you've lost control of your life, you probably really shouldn't be playing an MMO. But for the rest of us who spend modest amounts of time playing MMORPGs compared to the mindless hours of watching television and staring at facebook that most other people seem to do, I'd say that moving from one MMORPG to another wouldn't really be that big of a deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadoweye View Post
    Its not that you guys are leaving, i can understand that and its fine. Its just that your group wont shut the hell up... you want to move onto a new game? That's fine, move on, more power to you. The point OP is making with such a small statement is that we (in general) do not care.
    Speak for yourself, these are the people I play wow with good or bad and when they all start peeling out I kind wanna know about it and what game they are using to replace wow before the mmo-champ forum becomes a dedicated rift form over night......Sorry if you wanna speak for other people but you are wrong.

    If you look at the forums more people are talking about this rather than being blind fanbois. You do not speak for anyone but yourself unless otherwise told so.....
    "The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil to exist because it isn't angry enough."
    -Bede Jarrett (historian)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romer View Post
    Actually I was playing wow up until a week ago have been for 5 years, I am just tired of it and want something else. Doesnt even need to be something new just something that isnt wow.
    I'm in the exact same boat.

    But honestly, in defense of the the OP and a few other people, this really is a dedicated World of Warcraft fan site. You can find that tidbit of info in the rules (I'm too lazy to look it up), but the official statement that this had turned into a dedicated World of Warcraft fan site was made quite some time ago.

    In other peoples' defense, this is the Off-Topic->Video Games forums. Talk about Rift is perfectly acceptable. But the rules DO state one thread per game. So really, this thread is a violation of the forum rules.
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