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    Kirans Healing UI

    I am debating on putting this up for download on wow interface. I wanted to get everyones view on how they thought the UI looked and if they think anything should be changed/added.

    Welcome to suggestions to anything as long as it's constructive!!

    [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]

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    Not showing up something
    Quote Originally Posted by Elica View Post
    Someone told me that air is bad, so I've decided to stop breathing.

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    You forgot the screenshot/link

    I like the looks of it!

    Healing frames are Vuhdo or Grid?
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    Did you forget to link to it or post the UI? I can't see it.

    Edit: It's nice, I like it.
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    Showing up for me. Direct link:

    Looks very nice. Almost like Tukui, but very customised. Very nice!

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    Tuk called: he wants his UI back.

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    This looks nothing like tuk ui o.o; but ok.

    Raid frames are grid, i used vuhdoo for a while but i like grid better. My setup also has sides and top/bottom icon indicators for easier tracking of hots ect. Can't see it in the Screenshot but its enabled.

    edit: Maybe the side bar does, but ive always had my bars like this since like the dawn of time, buffs on the side, cooldowns on the bottom
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    Very nice, although I might put it up under priest-specific uis on WoW-interface rather than healer specific. I suppose one could just change the power auras, but it seems really nice for a priest.

    Really nice compilation, probably not for me, but I do like it overall.

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    Yea I have a quick question about uploading.

    Previously when I tried to upload an interface without using a compilation mod, when people downloaded it they had troubles installing it. Like none of the UI was setup properly for others yet worked fine for me.

    When uploading onto wow interface, what are important things i need to know about profiling/uploading. Do I need to do anything in particular or just copy the files over?

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    make raid smaller.

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    The raid frames are already extremley tiny. Why would I make them smaller? >_>

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyDoodle View Post
    The raid frames are already extremley tiny. Why would I make them smaller? >_>
    as a healer, that is a lot of movement with mouse horizontally, since the cap is so wide.

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    Please upload this! Looks awesome and I want it!
    Also in bg chat it says "SS or it didn't happen"

    It made me smile.
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    Looks really good!

    Personally I´ve always played with the Blizzard UI but this one looks interesting

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    What addon makes those big button with cooldowns ( GS CoH Chastise PoM Chakra Lolwell)? Or is it just an extra bar from Bartender or the likes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruud View Post
    What addon makes those big button with cooldowns ( GS CoH Chastise PoM Chakra Lolwell)? Or is it just an extra bar from Bartender or the likes?
    Also was curious about this.

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    that would be Power auras most likely

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    i'd suggest turning off that ''glaze'' i believe its called, from the button skin.

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    Yes the icons are my power auras, I track when abilities are OFF cooldown due to priests having so many with short cooldowns and all of them being equally important.

    The glaze on the bars, yea i haven't decided if i want it or not. I kinda like it personally, but thats also something that could be turned off once its downloaded via button facade.

    @mokal about raid frames

    Mouse movement = GCD my friend =p

    I am fast with my mouse.

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    I am going to upload a raid screenshot tomorrow, Heroic Magmaw ftw D:

    I have pet/focus/boss bars enabled that are fairly important to the aspect of this mod! And big wigs stay tuned

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    hmm very clean look indeed
    That powa placement gave me ideas!
    What addon is tracking that renew? Or can you screenshot ur addon list? or just list it, i dont care. I'm wondering what addons you use

    Awesomely made by Caiti.

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