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    Atonement not working with tsunami trinket?

    Sigh what the hell blizzard, really?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dalliah1 View Post
    Sigh what the hell blizzard, really?!
    Might wanna post this on the official forums instead of here. None of us can do anything about it.

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    Or elaborate as everyone does not have this trinket.

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    Using smite doesn't give you the proc the trinket gives 80 spirit that stacks upto 5 times, but im not sure if it's intended because you are actually using smite and not a healing spell, but it should work, i'm sure it will get fixed.

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    The Jar of ancient Remedies works korrektly with Atonement but to get Tsunami-buffs you have to use Penance for example. Lets hope 4.0.6 will fix it
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