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    And this is why all concerts should be lip synching.
    Haha this..
    Black eyed peas are good at what they do, even though I and many others dont like them, they put on a decent show, but it was mainly sound faults that made it poor.
    The only thing i truely hated about it was Fergie trying to sing Sweet Child of Mine...i died a little inside

    I liked Tom Petty half time show best i think.

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    Well, Fergie is hot. Slash is the man. Usher is lame. Whoever came up with the whole set up of the half-time show, must have been on some drugs cuz it was ridiculous. Plentiful amounts of Sam Adams made getting thruu that debacle easy.

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    i didnt mind slash performing, it was a little random with sweat child of mine, fergie ruined both songs, hers and guns n roses. she has no pitch she has no vocal talents outside of an auto tune, shes ugly, honestly justien bieber would have been a better half time show then black eyed pees. if it wasnt for will i am then they would be nothing, and wtf with the tron setting, atleast thats what it looked like to me

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    stop quoting me on football, i never read your answers. noobs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Torethyr View Post
    The Who had a better performance last year and they're like 90.
    it was roger daltrey`s birthday the other day, im sure he was 67 lol i did see the who`s performance at the super bowl & although ive been a big fan for over 30 years, they were slightly embarrassing i thought. but on the subject of black eyed peas, they were very much so so & not even slash could save them

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