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    Mass dispel macro help

    I just reached 72 and learned mass dispel im keeping this toon in the lvl 70 brackets for a while but i was wondering if there is a macro to cast mass dispel and then cast silence right after or like a half a second after in situations where pally pops bubble starts casting heal and i wanna counter with mass dispel his bubble and silence him before he can get the heal off. Ive tried a few different macros but i haven't had to much success, any help or shedding of light would be appreciated

    ~Jexson 72 Spriest

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    I would think a cast sequence macro would be your best bet. But it wouldn't be foolproof in that it is not able take into account if mass dispel failed. The most beneficial way to do it would be to just cast Mass Dispel with one keybind then Silence with another, but this macro might work for you if you don't like the most efficient/reliable method:

    #showtooltip Silence
    /castsequence !Mass Dispel, Silence
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